What is the brewing technology and deployment art of modern wine?Broadcast article

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What is high speed informationthe process and deployment of modern wine? This article takes you to understand, so that you can say in the wine bureau.

1. The brewing of modern wine

The earliest wine grapes were ancient wild grapes chosen by the ancients. Therefore, the most primitive winemaking process is to ferment wild grapes under the action of rainwater, which generates wine.Someone asked, "Is it still taking such a brewing technology now?"

of course not.With the development of the times, the brewing process of wine has also changed dramatically.In simple terms, the process of wine,There are usually five steps: the first step is to crush the picking grapes and get enough grape juice (soaking process is to make the grape juice more rich and mellow); the second step will be collected. Pour into the fermentation tank (today, many companies use stainless steel fermented barrels, easy to clean, disinfection, and do not produce odor), clarify, precipitate, and get cleaner grape juice; in the third step In the juice, add the fermentation solution; the fourth step is to be closed, disinfected, and leave the exhaust holes on the fourth step; the fifth step is to put the fermentation barrel in a warmer place for fermentation. The fermentation time is 20 days to 2 to 2. The month is not available, so as to get the original wine juice, and then put it in oak barrels.

The common wine production process is as follows.

First, cold immersion method.The cold -stain method is to put the cold and cold stains in Portuguese in a 13 -degree environment, and then extract the tannins in Portuguese Chengzheng, so that the body of Portuguese wine is stronger.more

Second, hat -pressing.The "cap" is to press the grape skin floating in the wine barrel to press the wine in the wine to let it be more lucky and combined, so that the tannins and pigments in the skin are fully released into the wine.The cap process is also a very traditional process.

Third, leather leather technology.The so -called "lever" is to pour the liquor on the wine hat of the wine fermented barrel again and again, so that the tannins, pigments and other substances in the grape skin in the wine hat are further taken, thereby achieving wine brewing.

Different wines have different production processes. The brewing process of red wine, white wine, champagne, white orchids and other wines is very different.The traditional red wine brewing process is to squeeze out the harvested grapes (not peeled) directly out of the grape juice, and then obtain more tannins and pigments in the skin through immersion and other methods, and then ferment alcohol.Alcohol fermentation is the process of converting the sugar in the grape juice into alcohol, and this process is usually distributed

2. The deployment of modern wine

The winemaker Mike McMollen once said: "The mixed art is to combine the wines of each part into a whole, making the overall effect greater than part." It can be seen that wine needs to be prepared.Many large wine companies have mature allocation technologies, making the quality of a batch of wines the same, and there is almost no difference in taste.Some estates only choose "single brewing", independent bottles, such as many estates in the new world, maintain the flavor of separate varieties of wine.There are also some estates to choose a variety of wines, such as some estate in the old world.

Of course, the purpose of deployment technology is like art, and the purpose of brewing the winemaker is to obtain a better taste and balance. This is not an easy task.In his point of expressing his point of view: "We may need to be equipped with 60 ~ 70 sample wines in order to get a more satisfactory one, and you need to keep fine -tuning." It can be seen that wine’s wine’sThe deployment is a job that pays attention to details. Generally, it can only be done by experienced winemakers