Yu Chengdong, Geely, and Great Wall are angry!Understand the response of the Emperor

Recently,hot topic the winter test of the car emperor is being held, but after the release rate of pure electric battery life in winter, it has caused dissatisfaction with multiple car companies and questioned that the test standards of the car emperor are not standardized and scientific.

Understanding the Emperor of the Car responded that the test was a full-load of the extremely cold weather below -20 ° C. All participating vehicles were driving and departing after the preparation, and the unified standards were used to meet the user's winter car scene without distinction.

Announcement that the Cyber Emperor's Winter Test Standard Questions and Communication Meeting

After asking the world to question the results of the Winter Test of the Emperor, Great Wall Motors also joined the "War" and announced that it would be held on December 14 to hold the Cars's Winter Test Standard to question the communication meeting.

The official poster of Great Wall Motors shows that there will be several major issues in this communication, including:

1. The scientific and fair standard of new energy winter test

2. Vehicle preparation standards for pure electricity tests

3. Vehicle electricity standards for testing of climbing angle

4. Vehicle braking standards for climbing distance test

It is worth mentioning that before, Yu Chengdong asked the M7 in the WeChat circle of friends M7 to participate in the test results of "2023 Knowing the Winter Test of the Emperor" to make a statement: the test of the pit people misleads the people!Science and rigor are the basic rules that should be followed!

Vice President of Geely Group issued a post to respond to understanding of Emperor Emperor Winter Testing: unscientific, not rigorous, and conclusions are not convincing

This afternoon, Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely Group, also issued a post to respond to understanding the Winter Test of the Emperor Emperor:

I also disagree with the results of the "2023 Knowing the Winter Test of the Emperor" hybrid model released by the Emperor of the Emperor.I also think that the evaluation process is unscientific and rigorous, and the conclusion is not convincing. It not only misleads consumers, but also hurts the credibility of understanding the emperor's own.

In accordance with the evaluation rules announced by the Emperor in advance, the vehicle must be reserved at the same time before the departure of the vehicle, and records the actual power before the departure of all vehicles, but the actual operation is not the case.According to the data retrieved by our background, during the reserve process of the Giili Galaxy L6, the vehicle was idle for 70 minutes in place, and the door opened the door 4 times during the period.The ground idle speed was 71 minutes. During the period, the door opened 6 times, and the longest opening time was 6 minutes and 39 seconds.These operations greatly increased the energy consumption of air conditioning, which caused the vehicle to officially decrease a lot before the official issuance.

Gilly Galaxy L6 relies on the E-CMA intelligent electrical mixing architecture and IDC low-temperature starting function, as well as the third-generation vehicle thermal management systemTechnical advantages, Open the door to the driver and passengers to pass the intelligent induction experience, fully ensure the comfort of drivers and passengers in the vehicle.We hope that more objective and fair third -party evaluation agencies will evaluate new energy models under Geely Automobile Group in a more scientific and rigorous way.It is also hoped that consumers will personally experience the hard power of the products of Geely brands by "not trying not to sell".