The film "Crossing the Sea" revealed the ultimate notice that Greg Han Hsu set up a bureau to blackmail Zhang Junning

  Directed by Chen Zhuo and starring Greg Han Hsu,exclusive information Zhang Junning, Kara Wai and Andrew, the suspense crime film "Crossing the Sea from Heaven" opened for pre-sale, and simultaneously released a "kill to the end" version of the notice and poster, which deeply uncovered the unknown entanglement and pull in the case. Greedy sheriff Zheng Wei (Greg Han Hsu) set up a game for money but unconsciously got deeper and deeper in the whirlpool. Will he become a "prey" from a "hunter"? Qiao Wenna (Zhang Junning), the wife of a wealthy businessman, is innocent and has been forcibly blackmailed. In repeated encounters and confrontations, she is suspected of being angry. How will she save herself? The closer you get to the truth, the more confusing the situation looks, just like the darkness before dawn is the most difficult to argue, and the chess game under the fog is about to emerge in full. What is the truth under the reversal? The film will be released nationwide on December 8. At present, the pre-sale has been fully opened, and the seats will be booked first to jointly solve the puzzle.

  Everyone tore up the disguise, staged a suspense reversal clue, and gradually became clear that the truth was nowhere to hide.

  In the latest final announcement, Zheng Wei and Qiao Wenna staged extreme pulling, and the sense of confrontation between them was also full of gunpowder. "You can get away from Lu Ping's case" and "A beautiful woman like you, who wants to frame you", Zheng Wei guided Qiao Wenna step by step to point the finger at Hong Jie (Kara Wai) who avenged her husband, which seemed to help her clear her name, but actually guided her thoughts all the time. "I fiddled with the details of the report, and you didn't have a chance to clear your name." Cheng Wei unscrupulously revealed his identity behind the scenes. In addition to blackmailing and threatening Qiao Wenna, he also secretly manipulated Minghao (Andrew) to kill people, acting like a winner on high.

  As the confrontation between roles escalates, everyone also exposes many emotions. Facing Cheng Wei's approach, Wen Na's mood is also changing quietly. Her long-standing anger in her heart is burning more and more brightly, and her eyes are gradually becoming fierce. A roaring "Don't you dare to fool me" completely ignites the contradiction between her and Cheng Wei. How will Wen Na, who is cornered, increase his odds in the game and get himself out of trouble? The "superior" caught in this whirlpool will lose priority. Can Zheng Wei still achieve his goal as he wishes? Or become the next "hunted"?

  The people in the game show the "double-sided state" to the extreme, and the national roadshow opens a suspense drama.

  In the ultimate poster released at the same time, Greg Han Hsu, Zhang Junning, Kara Wai and Yin Zheng are in a mysterious and cold secret room, and everyone's eyes are firm and fierce, and they look like hunters who are ready to attack. However, in the reflection, they are completely different, as if indicating that everyone has an unknown side. The details in the picture reveal more details. What do Zheng Wei's palm-pressed mobile phone and Wen Na's hotel key card imply respectively? And the words on the poster "Go crazy and hide it from the end" seem to imply that everyone will go all out to hide themselves. What is the secret they are trying to hide? All the mysteries will be revealed one by one on the big screen on December 8.

  Today, the film officially launched the national roadshow, with Xiamen as the first stop, starting an 11-stop roadshow tour, and will hold a premiere in Beijing on December 2, and a premiere for thousands of people in Shanghai on December 5, and then all the way down to Hangzhou, Suzhou, Xi 'an, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Nanjing. The film's main creator will meet the national audience with different surprises and secrets, and step into the puzzle and explore together.