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(Observer News) "I have been with the former President (Trump),一线资讯 and may be the future president, quarrel ..."

On March 9, local time, U.S. President Biden gave a speech in Philadelphia to announce the US fiscal budget in 2024.In his speech, Biden did not forget his old opponent Trump. He joked that he might be the "Future President" in the United States. After speaking, he was still in his chest.In addition, he laughed in his speech that he was "only 400 years old" and "very optimistic about the future of the United States."

It is reported that the total scale of the US 2024 fiscal year budget announced by Biden was close to $ 6.9 trillion, which was higher than the $ 6.2 trillion last year.The new budget also includes billions of dollars in economic and military investment in the Indo -Pacific region.The draft of the document claims that the United States is facing China as the only competitor "an extraordinary challenge", seeking "investing in a new way of competition to win China."

According to the White House news briefing, in the speech, Biden also mentioned the "Paycheck Protection Program" (PPP ").Distributing a $ 1,200 check and providing small enterprises with a loan.

However, the National Taxation Agency issued a statement last year that the new crown epidemic had a huge amount of fraud, with a amount of billions of dollars.

Biden attacked the then President Trump in his speech.

"I was running for the president of the United States at the time. You may remember that I and the former president (Trump) may be the future president and quarreled." Byndon teased, finished, he still prayed on his chest:"God bless."

White House News Briefing Screenshot

The ridicule of Biden caused a booing of the audience in the audience, and he went on to say, "The big quarrel you may remember, our good friends and former president, he decided to dismiss the supervisor at the time."

"I said,‘ you should n’t do this. ’Then, how do you guess?" Bayon said, "Now we have discovered a billions of dollars in the new crown epidemic.

In addition, Biden was still bragging about his political achievements at the end of his speech. "In the past two years, we made great progress. Families from all over the country can breathe a sigh of relief, but we still have a long way to go. I can be honestI said, I have never been as optimistic about the future of the United States as today, I am serious. "

Biden also played his own age stalk, "As everyone knows, I am only 400 years old ..."

On March 9, local time, US President Biden gave a speech at the Institute of Processing Trade.Picture source: Visual China

Biden, 80, is the "oldest president in history" in the history of the United States. In an interview last month, he once again stated that he intends to run for re -election in 2024.Regarding his age, Biden said that people's doubts were "reasonable", "The only thing I can say is to see my performance." At present, he has not officially announced the election.It will be 86 years old.

Biden's old opponent Trump officially announced the 2024 US presidential election in November last year.However, Trump is currently 76 years old. If he won again in 2024, he will be 82 years old when he steps down.