The Hong Kong Horse Racing International Racing China Hong Kong team won three championships

  Xinhua News Agency,Current affairs information Hong Kong, December 10th (Reporter Wei Yan) The Global Malaysia annual event -Hong Kong International Tournament was held on the 10th at the Shatian Racecourse. The Chinese Hong Kong team won three first -class championships.

  On the day of the international competition, a total of 10 games in 10 games, including four international first -class competitions. The journey of these four games ranging from 1200 meters to 2400 meters, attracting 43 people from Japan, France, Hong Kong, China, and many other.The national and regional horses participated in the racing.

  One of the focus of the day of the race was the fourth time the "Golden Gun Sixty", known as the "Hong Kong Horse King" in Hong Kong, participated in the Hong Kong One Mile Championship for the fourth time.After fierce competition, He Zeyao's "Sixty Golden Gun Si" defeated the "Travel Bubble" and won the championship for the third time.This victory allowed the eight -year -old "Golden Gun Sixty" to continue to become the Hong Kong racing foal, who has always won the most first -level match and won the most prizes.

  The other two first -level competitions, in October this year, won the "Romantic Warriors", a "Romantic Warrior", who won the "Scholars Shield" championship in Australia in October this year, won the Hong Kong Cup title, and the "Golden Diamond" won the Hong Kong short -distance championship.In addition, the French horse "really strong" defeated the remaining seven opponents, and was known in the Hong Kong bottle competition.