Goldman SACHS lowered rating Eli technology rating to sell the latest target price of $ 197.00

  () US stock news on December 11 Goldman Sachs rated Eli's scientific rating from neutralization to sell.Thereal time news latest target price is $ 197.00.

  Avery Technology issued a third quarterly report on November 3. The company's operating income as of September 30, 2023 was US $ 2.906 billion, a year -on -year of 2.56%, a net profit of US $ 321 million, and a basic earnings per share of 4.19 US dollars.

  Align Technology, Inc. was established in March 1997 and was registered in Travly Prefecture in April 1997.The company is a global medical device company, engaged in the design, manufacturing and sales of Invalign Clear Alignter and ITERO oral scanner, as well as orthodontics, repair and beauty dental services.Align's products are mainly used to treat errors or dental dislocation, which aims to help dental professionals achieve the expected clinical effect.The company has two business departments: (1) Clearpay and (2) scanners and services ("scanner").