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Ziya Press: Takeaway has subverted the instant noodles,重大新闻 navigation destroys car radio, streaming media eliminate records, and the new technological revolution often subverts an industry from an unexpected angle.While new energy replace oil, will the dollar be sent to history?Share an article.

Since the Revolution of shale oil technology, the overall chain related to OPEC, the United States, and the US dollar has changed the foundation. Since then, various new technologies of reform have continued to emerge, especially the popularity of electric vehicles, making the actual supply and demand of crude oilRelationship trends are constantly changing.

In terms of geopolitics, countries that are willing to depart with the United States, and countries with the idea of petroleum currency association, all want to impose influence on the oil supply and oil price system.Sex, for many years, formed a powerful financial leverage formed by the US dollar, and the two major starting points have allowed the United States to add more influence in oil prices.

Now that Saudi Arabia is more and more centrifugal, and with Russia, the simply does not care about it, and it directly increases its production capacity. Anyway, it is necessary to curb inflation.It also makes sense.

The United States can have such great power, and it is not enough to rely on production capacity alone. It is still the international financial attributes. The power of petroleum dollars is still there.The development of new technologies and the development of new systems will also be more likely to be more. Just like the US dollar anchor gold at the beginning, it will change at a certain historical stage.

As an international currency, the US dollar must find suitable anchors. In 1971, the Bretton Forest system was disintegrated. The US dollar was decoupled from gold. The international monetary system changed from a fixed exchange rate to a floating exchange rate.As the most important international commodity, oil has become the best choice for the US dollar anchor.Therefore, in order to safeguard the overall interests of the US financial system and the status of the US dollar international currency, the United States needs to form a global circulation of the US dollar to ensure that the US dollar returns to the US financial system, and the oil dollar system has emerged.

After the first oil crisis in 1974, the US dollar system was formally established, and the US dollar became the only oil pricing and settlement currency.The United States applied its military and economic influence on the Middle East oil -producing country. In August 1974, the "irreparable agreement" with Saudi Arabia secretly signed the Saudi Arabia.The purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds and other assets for oil income makes the US dollar return to the United States and supports US dollar debt expansion and budget financing.

Since then, the oil dollar system has gone through two major development booms. One is 1974-1981. The main oil -producing countries represented by OPEC member states accumulated a large amount of oil export surplus.With the increase in international oil prices from 1974 to 1981, OPEC member states exported oil to earn a lot of dollars and accumulated huge amounts of current project surplus.$ 42 billion in 1981.

The second is from 2005 to 2014. Due to the historic rise of oil prices from 2003 to 2008, the net oil export revenue of the OPEC country in 2008 and 2011-2014 exceeded $ 1 trillion.In addition to the OPEC countries, resources exporters such as Russia and Norway have also accumulated a lot of surplus.

At the same time that the oil -producing country is rich, the United States has obtained a variety of financial initiative through this circular system, which greatly surpasses the economic and financial control of the past gold standard.

Just to this day, OPEC's little sweetness has gradually become Mrs. Niu. Saudi Arabia and China have tried RMB settlement. Now they are working with Russia, and the solid foundation of the oil dollar is no longer.

Fundamentally, it is also inevitable to walk to this situation. Gold can be anchored, which has become history. Petroleum is eligible. It has been active for more than 50 years.It officially kicked off from the decline in crude oil breaks, and there would be a rotation of ups and downs, but the trend was probably not optimistic.