Always maintain a high degree of political acuity

  "In the intricate domestic and international situation,breaking news grasping strategic overall situation, mastering strategic initiative, and strengthening the foresight and foresight of various tasks must always maintain high political acuity and achieve aheadAt the Democratic Life Meeting of the theme of socialist ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, General Secretary Xi Jinping made a deep explanation and clear requirements on political acuity, which has important guiding significance for party members and cadres to improve political capabilities.

  Political acuity is a comprehensive embodiment of political standing and political insights, and an important prerequisite for improving the political judgment, political understanding, and political execution of leading cadres.Comrade Mao Zedong once vividly metaphorized: "Sitting on the podium, if you can't see anything, you can't call the leader. Sitting on the podium and only see a large number of universal things that have appeared on the horizon.It can not be considered a leader. Only when there is no obvious thing in front of it, when the top of the mast is just revealed, it can be seen that this is to develop into a large number of common things, and to master it.Called leaders. "General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that" leading cadres must have grass and leaves to shake the leaves to know the deer, Songfeng knows the tiger together, and the leaf can be easy to see the ability of the world. "The wind rose at the end of Qing Ping, and the waves became between Welan.Only by seeing the high political acuity of Weizhi and Ming Qiuqiu, can we insight and avoid harm.

  Always maintain a high degree of political keenness, and the key is to always think about problems, make decisions, and do things from time to time.General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Only by analyzing problems in politics can we see the essence clearly. Only by solving the problem from politically, we can seize the fundamental."With the trend, through the phenomenon, the essence of the phenomenon, grasping the inherent laws of the development of things, accurately identifying the trend, crisis and opportunities, advantages and disadvantages, actively understand the transformation, accurately grasp the opportunity, effectively respond to risks, determine the movement and then move.EssenceIn major issues and key links, the mind must be particularly awake, the eyes are particularly bright, good at discovering political problems from general affairs, good at discovering political clues from tendencies and signs.Under any circumstances, "not afraid of floating clouds to cover the eyes."When planning major strategies, formulating major policies, and deployment of major tasks, the quasi -political direction, implementing political requirements, and consciously consciously benchmarking tables of the basic theory, basic routes, and basic squares of the party must be paid.Calibrate the deviation in a timely manner to ensure that various undertakings are always moving along the correct political direction.

  Always maintain a high degree of political acuity, but also has a strong sense of worry.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly warned the entire party to keep in mind "without forgetting the crisis, not forgetting to die, and not forgetting to chaos."At present, the changes of the world, the changes of the times, and the changes in history are unfolding in an unprecedented way. my country faces a complex and changeable development and security environment. Various predictable and unpredictable risk factors have increased significantly.When party members and cadres should strengthen their awareness and risk awareness, deal with contradictions and problems, pay attention to preventing and resolving political risks, bright eyes, early seeing things, fast action, timely eliminating various political risks, attaching great importance to and blocking different fields in timeThe transformation channel of risks prevents non -political risks from being transformed into political risks.