The original river is called a cornucopia. Villagers don’t go to work, they just fish for gold.

Original title: This Information at a glanceriver can be called a cornucopia. Villagers do not go to work. They only get gold.

Gold has always been the wealth of everyone's dream, but in fact, China's gold output is not high in the world.

The world's main golden regions are actually in Africa and the Americas, especially North America. The western denim in the United States went to the west of the United States.Gold ore is mainly divided into gold and sand gold. Sand gold is the most amazing, and it comes from the sediment of the river.

Today we are going to tell you that in a magical river in North America, it is hailed as a "cornucopia" by locals. The gold here seems to be never finished, which is very enviable.

It is located in the Krun Delong River in western Canada, with a total length of only 160 kilometers, which is the tributary of the Canadian Yukong River.At the beginning, this was a deserted place. Later, after the Europeans came here, they found gold in the river, and soon established a special gold mining industry. Many people also came to the surrounding gold.Established a village and the economy was prosperous.However, more than a hundred years later, Shajin in the river has been excavated, and it can no longer meet the conditions of gold ore production. Therefore, in 1966, the gold collection industry here stopped.

But decades later, when everyone thought that the river had no gold, people suddenly found that gold was poured out in the sediment of the river.

Although the number is not large, it still attracts many people to come to the gold.There is a golden golden town nearby, and some of the locals even quit their jobs and rush to this river.If you are lucky, you can find golden sand rich in gold. After cleaning, only gold is left.Even if only one or two grams were found a day, it was quite good income.

In order to protect the veins here, Canada has banned large -scale gold rush here and developed here into a scenic spot, attracting many tourists to visit the experience, and some can really return. Of course, Canada's tourism industryAs a result, I have developed and made more money.

Canada itself is a country with rich tourism resources. Those who like urban humanities can be visited in cities in Canada, such as Ottawa, Quebec, Montreal, etc., modern and natural scenery are integrated, making people linger.If you like natural scenery, Canada is a must -have place. For example, Lake Lake Lake can ski, hiking and hot springs, as well as Niagara Waterfalls, Prince Edward Island, Bretton Corporal Island, etc.

Unfortunately, it is not suitable to travel now, and Canada has also done a lot of international relations in international relations, otherwise it can really attract more tourists here.