U.S. media said that Ukrainian soldiers were scarce, Ukraine's rural areas are old and weak in the front line

The Russian and Ukraine War will overwhelm and 2 years, and the war is still absent.The Ukrainian army now emerges in the insufficient dilemma, forcing the recruiting units to pull people around, but they have to charge the soldiers, and it is difficult to afford fierce operations.

The US media reported that the 47 -year -old rifle and the army radio call Dubok's hair was gray and white, as if he was in the uncle next door. He remembered that he had just gone to the army and was forced to join the army.At that time, the three recruiters ordered him to get on the car after talking to him outside the barber shop and took him to a dark room in the local recruitment center for 2 days until he signed to join the army.His head was shaved by the recruit training camp.

Du Bok, who had previously been an electrical engineer, said that he proposed to be a technician in the rear, but if he thought of the rear, he had to take bribes. After that, he was sent to the 47th mechanized brigade unit that had been severely damaged after several months of hard work and joined.Wudong's important base Af Difka defended the war. As far as my physical condition is concerned, I really can't cope with frontline operations.

Since the outbreak of the war, the hottest Ukrainian men have already taken the initiative to participate in the army, and those who have survived these people have said that they are exhausted.Today, Ukraine can only rely on mobilizing troops, and sometimes even pulling up to replenish troops.

However, many military analysts and officers and soldiers of the Ukraine stated that the problem of the problem of recruitment cannot be efficiently mobilized to mobilize manpower to provide the quality and quantity required by the troops, and it cannot reflect social fairness.Corruption, privileges, and to avoid the public rebound, so that Ukraine did not dare to start most of the urban middle class when recruiting. Many of the bitter warriors in the long and cold mud trenches are in the countryside like Dubake's stiffly pulling in the countryside.The elderly in the lower class, most of them do not hide the way and financial resources of recruiting soldiers.

A battle between the Battle of the Ukrainian soldiers who fought near Afdeka said: The quality of the combined soldiers is not good. They are all rural people 40 to 50 years old, and some have health problems.The officers and soldiers who were tired of soldiers said that every time they were on a large city such as Kiev or Diebero, they would always see men 20 and 30 years old, and they were strong and healthy men.Essence