The National Museum of Museum of Tomb Machining Arts in the National Site National Site Broadcasting Article in Taiyuan Open Museum

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Jiang Yan) After more than 3 years of preparation construction,时事热点 the first site of the museum of the Taiyuan Beiqi mural museum in the nation's first site tomb mural art special museum was opened to the public on December 20.

Caption: The first exhibition hall Jinyang Changge animation.Taiyuan Beiqi March Museum Officer

The Taiyuan Beiqi mural museum is located in Wangjiafeng Village, Yingze District, Taiyuan City. It is based on the protection and display of the original site of Beiqi Xu Xianxiu's tomb of the "2002 National Top Ten Archaeological Discovery".Museums that use and manage as the core are the first special museums built on the site of mural tombs in the country.The museum covers a total area of 20,000 square meters and a design area of 5355 square meters, including 3830 square meters of exhibition halls and 1525 square meters of mural protection research centers.

The exhibition hall of the Taiyuan Beiqi Machining Museum is divided into 3 display spaces. The display of the murals in the north is the core to interpret the characteristics of the times and interpret the important position of cultural exchanges and national integration from the Northern Dynasties to the Sui and Tang dynasties.

Caption: Beiqi Xu Xianxiu Tomb Tomb.Taiyuan Beiqi March Museum Officer

The first exhibition hall is called "Bing Du Hua Cai". The unearthed tomb murals unearthed as the target, highlighting the important position of Jinyang in the Northern Dynasties, and reproducing the social style and the spirit of the ancients at that time.

The second exhibition hall is called "Thousands of Years", which is the most important exhibition hall of the Taiyuan Beiqi March Museum. The content is divided into 3 units, which are displayed from archeological discovery, original site display, and scientific protection.The ins and outs of the mural tomb.

The third exhibition hall is called "Simple Beauty Beauty", which exhibited three parts: Taiyuan Lou Rui's tomb mural, Xinzhou Jiuyuangang tomb mural, and Shuozhou Shuiquan Liang tomb murals.System cognition.

Caption: The owner of the tomb of the tomb and the chart of music.Taiyuan Beiqi March Museum Officer

The Taiyuan Beiqi mural museum was protected based on the original site of the Tomb of the Northern Qi Dynasty.Xu Xianxiu's tomb has a history of more than 1,400 years. It is a relatively complete large tomb in the Beijing Qiqi period. It was unearthed in October 2002. It preserved more than 300 square meters of murals during the Beiqi period.The integrity is rare at home and abroad.Xu Xianxiu's tomb was rated as "Top Ten Archaeological Discovery of the National Top 2002" in 2003, and in 2006 it became the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.