Three people, raised 1.5 billion

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  Source: investment industry 

  In the impression,high speed information this is the largest financing industry this year.

  The investment community was informed that the tourist experience platform KLOOK guest travel announced the completion of US $ 210 million in financing (about 1.5 billion yuan).This round of financing is led by Bessemer Venture Partners. Other investors include: BPEA EQT Bad Ling, Atinum Investment, Golden Vision Capital, Thailand Kaitai Bank and Dacheng Bank of Thailand.

  This is a unicorn rising in Hong Kong.In 2014, Lin Zhaowi and Wang Zhihao, who were born in investment banks, and Xiong Xiaokang, who were born with technology, set up an overseas tourist service provider KLOOK.During 9 years, KLOOK gathered behind the familiar investment institutions such as Jingwei Venture Capital, Sequoia China, Cream Venture Capital, Boyu Capital, SoftBank Vision, Goldman Sachs, and Huachuang Capital.At present, the company has made IPO preparations.

  It is not surprising to get huge financing at this time -just as KLOOK said that 2023 is the first year of the Asian tourism market, and in the mainland of China, it will actively explore the outbound freedom market and entry business.This scene just corresponds to recent expansion of visa -free policies.

  Three young people join forces

  Sequoia rarely casts 5 rounds

  Klook's story is due to a inspiration in the Nepal Mountain.

  Back to 2014, Lin Zhawei and Wang Zhihao traveled in Nepal.At that time, although the development of the online tourism industry had standardized hotels, air tickets and other products, destination information and information were still severely fragmented -language barriers, inconvenient traffic, non -smooth activities, poor service, poor service, etc.These often seriously affect the experience of a cross -border tour.

  The idea of entrepreneurship began to sprout.After returning, Wang Zhihao sold his self -residential apartment in Hong Kong, and Lin Zhawei found Xiong Xiaokang, who was a technical background. The three joined forces to create KLOOK guest road.

  Soon, KLOOK quickly entered the vision of venture capital.According to the company's investigation, in the 9th year of its establishment, KLOOK completed a total of 8 rounds of financing, with a total financing of nearly $ 1 billion.

  At the beginning of its establishment, KLOOK received seed financing led by the senior executive vice president and well -known angel investor of Tencent Group, with a amount of 1.5 million US dollars.In 2015, KLOOK received another $ 5 million in Series A financing of Jingwei Venture Capital, Huachuang Capital and CVC Capital.

  But the crisis came quietly.In 2016, KLOOK expanded from three offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Taipei to nearly ten countries and regions such as Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea, and its business increased by ten times.However, due to the continued downturn of online tourism and entrepreneurship at that time, financing has not been in place, and the company's operations and mobile funds have been tight.By mid -2016, even the salary was put on pressure.

  Lin Zhawei once recalled that in those few months, it was like a year."Anxiety is not like the floods, and it is more like offshore. Every time I go ashore, I roll you away.

  Until the end of 2016, as the scale of the KLOOK business continued to explode, the company's regional linkage in Greater China, Southeast Asia, and Japan and South Korea gradually became clear.In March 2017, KLOOK was led by Sequoia China.Soon, KLOOK completed the $ 60 million Series C financing in October of the same year, led by Sequoia China, Goldman Sachs and Jingwei Venture Capital.

  Since then, KLOOK has basically maintained a round of financing speed -August 2018, obtained 200 million US dollars such as Sequoia China, Jingwei Venture Capital, Boyu Capital, TCV, Goldman Sachs$ 1 billion, entered the list of unicorn.In April 2019, it was led by the SoftBank Vision Fund. Sequoia China, Jingwei Venture Capital, TCV, OurcrowD, etc., including 225 million US dollars, Investment, the highest financing amount in the global destination tourism field at that time.

  On the eve of the Spring Festival 2020, a sudden epidemic was pressed for the tourism industry.However, in January 2021, KLOOK received another $ 200 million in Series E financing, led by the Pan -Asia -Pacific investment company Aspex Management Siber Investment.EssenceIn the same year, KLOOK was selected as the "Hong Kong Unicorn List Unicorns HK 2021 'jointly sponsored by the investment community.

  Two years have passed, the global tourism industry is recovering, and the latest financing of KLOOK is released -completed 210 million US dollars (about 1.5 billion yuan) financing.Earlier this year, the company's co -founder Wang Zhihao revealed in the media interview that he was fully prepared to go public in the US or Hong Kong stocks.

  A unicorn rising in Hong Kong

  Different from the way of destination tourism at the time, KLOK cuts into the deep tour market from "destination service". The specific plan is to gather well -known people and tourist experience experts in the destination, including explorers, magazine editors, travel writers, Michel Lotus Star Chef, etc., personally screen and verify the special tourism route and event experience to ensure the quality and safety of all projects.

  To this end, KLOOK has gathered over 1,000 team members in more than 25 countries and regions.Therefore, users can see a lot of special activities on KLook.Whether you are booking tickets for global scenic spots, buying Shinkansen Pay tickets or JRPASS/Hanteen Tickets, or going to New Zealand skydiving/whale watching/helicopter glacier hikes, experience diving courses in Southeast Asia Island, walking to Indonesia, walking in Japan, eating a meal in Japan.For stone dishes, users can complete the booking on the KLOOK APP.

  In 2023, although the global market is still in the early recovery stage, KLOOK revealed that compared with the epidemic in 2019, the overall performance increased by three times, and the total annual order amount reached 3 billion US dollars (about 21 billion yuan). This year, the overall profit has been achieved this year.Essence

  Looking back at the rise of KLOOK, I also found a feature:Start in Hong Kong.

  You know, due to the low population base and the single market disadvantage of the market, the Internet company that rarely produces the phenomenon in Hong Kong is generally considered to lack Internet entrepreneurial genes.

  But Klook proves the other side of Hong Kong: back to the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, radiating the entire mainland market in China, and a bridge for the interaction between East and Southeast Asia.point.As Lin Zhawei mentioned in an interview, "Hong Kong as a pry board is easy to interact with various parts of Asia."

  Thinking of the 2019 KLOOK completed D+round of financing, Shen Nanpeng, founding and executive partner of Sequoia China, said: "KLOOK is a representative emerging unicorn in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area.Leaders in the field are important hubs of China's free travel. "

  Shen Nanpeng believes that KLOOK also provides an important sample for enterprises in the Greater Bay Area: the Hong Kong platform has a significant advantage. Enterprises are based on the rich mainland/overseas supply chain resources and cutting -edge technologies.Dive regional linkage.

  This is also the growth path of most Hong Kong gene unicorn: based on Hong Kong, rooting in the Greater Bay Area, looking at the world.

  First year of recovery

  This year's tourism industry is the most boiling

  To some extent, KLOOK is also a portrait of the global tourism industry.

  Not long ago, the World Tourism City Federation released a global leisure and tourism report, stating that in 2023, the global tourism industry rebounded sharply. The number of international travelers is expected to exceed 1.26 billion, which has reached 86%before the epidemic.

  The recent "visa -free" boom is hot.According to the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, from December 1st to November 30 next year, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia hold ordinary passport staff to China, tourism, visiting relatives, visiting friends, and transit.15 days, visa -free entry.

  For a while, the number of international air tickets for many tourism platforms soared.Subsequently, the Singapore Prime Minister's Office issued a statement saying that Singapore and China will implement a 30 -day -old visa -free agreement.As soon as the news came out, the word "Singapore" on Ctrip increased by 80 %, and the number of air tickets and hotel search volume increased by 90 % and 50 %, respectively.

  Not only Singapore, Indonesia is also considering implementing visa -free policies for 20 countries including China to promote tourism and economic growth.

  It can be seen that the outbound tour is recovering rapidly.During the 11th period of this year, some netizens lamented: "I feel that everyone in the circle of friends has gone abroad, either diving in Malaysia or drinking milk tea in Thailand."

  Now, New Year's Day and Spring Festival outbound tourism in 2024 has been moved on the agenda.On the travel platform, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and other popular destinations are on the homepage.According to Ctrip data, the overall overall outbound travel order of the Spring Festival increased by nearly 20 times year -on -year.

  The domestic "tourism fever" runs through the year.On social media, the hot search is: at the beginning of the year, we have seen the "retaliation travel" that has been suppressed for three years; during the Qingming and May Day period, college students' "special forces tourism" and "reverse tourism" exploded the entire network.

  Data show that during the eight -day vacation of the Mid -Autumn Festival+National Day, the number of domestic travel travel exceeded 800 million, an increase of 71.3%year -on -year.In converted, there are 100 million people traveling almost every day.

  According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in the first three quarters of 2023, the total number of domestic tourism was 3.674 billion, a year -on -year increase of 75.5%; the total domestic travel in residents spent 3.69 trillion yuan, an increase of 114.4%year -on -year.

  Tourism demand ushered in a blowout, and new opponents emerged in the industry.For example, Douyin -July this year, Douyin, sitting with 700 million daily traffic, quietly established a travel agency (Chengdu Haiguang Sky Travel Agency Co., Ltd.) and entered the wine brigade.There are also New Oriental and Yu Minhong. In July, 10 billion New Oriental established a cultural tourism company. Yu Minhong personally coaches. Two months later, he led a 200 million yuan financing and invested in the overseas charter traveled brand of the royal car.