[Plan] Fuzhou High -tech Zone will build a tennis sports park with world influence!

TheExpress information project (legal person) unit is the Fuzhou High -tech Zone Investment Holding Co., Ltd.; the competent department is the Economic Development Bureau of Fuzhou High -tech Zone; the filing number is Fujianfa Reform [2023] A140157;The approval results are displayed as "handling (passed)".

Fuzhou High -tech Zone Tennis Theme Park has obtained reports, which means that the area will add another theme park.Due to the limited official information, information such as the specific location and scale of the park is currently unknown.

▲ Smart Sports Park

It is understood that in recent years, the high -tech zone has continued to promote the construction of the park project. By combing the landscape resources of the park, it has planned the special theme park space.At present, Huangfeng Machine Pickled Park, Smart Sports Park, and Shipping Port Waterfront Park have been completed and put into use.

It is foreseeable that, with the completion of the two parks in the future, it will meet the needs of sports, fitness and entertainment activities of surrounding residents, tourists and other people, and will further stimulate the vitality of the surrounding communities and lead the new way of healthy living in the citizens.

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