American younger brother fox fake tiger prestige, forbiding Huawei 5G technology, China counterattacks to make a loss instantly

Recently,real time news Cool Rica, the Sino -US -General Guozhong country in Latin America, issued a decree to announce the banning Huawei's 5G products and services.Faced with this move, Costa Rica's president Chavez carefully stated that the purpose of the resolution was to ensure that the country's national security was not threatened.

In the comments, Chavez scolded Huawei regardless of his shame, and blamed for no reason to China's judicial system. He emphasized that ensuring national security is his primary task, so he must take corresponding measures to prevent potential espionage.Chavez's point of view believes that Huawei's country lacks a stable and strict judicial system to prevent any possible spy behavior.The nonsense is that he even claims that the Chinese government will force its domestic enterprises to disclose all the necessary information.

Chavez's speech was not only aimed at Huawei, but also involved China's judicial system. This statement was far from his previous position.In recent years, he has repeatedly praised the partnership between China and the media in domestic and foreign media.

It is worth noting that in April of this year, Chavez was invited to be interviewed by CCTV, and he praised the friendly relationship between China and his brother.He said that the judgment of Costa Rica's choice of establishing diplomatic relations with China is accurate. The bilateral cooperation between Chinese brothers has maintained a stance in the journey and steadily enhanced year by year. This is a good situation of mutual benefit and win -win situation.

Chavez emphasized that China is one of the two largest economies in the world, and he is very optimistic about China's rising market prospects.It is understood that Costa Rica reached diplomatic relations with China in the beginning of the new century, becoming the first Chinese American country to establish strategic partnerships with China and sign a series of free trade agreements.

At the same time, in September 2018, China Brother signed a memorandum of understanding of the initiative of joint promotion of the "Silk Road" economic belt.Through legal means, Costa Rica formally established the first day of the first lunar calendar as a Chinese Culture Day, which undoubtedly proves that the friendly relationship between China and China has become popular.

Through the establishment of diplomatic relations, the business exchanges between China and China are getting closer.According to recently announced data, as of 2022, the total bilateral trade amount of Zhongge has reached 4.38 billion US dollars, an amazing 42.7%year -on -year increase.China has steadily sitting in Costa Rica's second largest trading partner seat.

Chavez said so that China's demand for protein foods is increasing, and Costa Rica happens to be the main producer of meat, pork, fresh fruits and vegetables.In addition, he also said that there are still many loopholes in Costa Rica's infrastructure. At this time, China's capital resources are sufficient, and the two countries are in a complementary and beneficial investment environment.

However, the original Chinese brother relationship between the two sides experienced twists and turns in August this year.At that time, Richardson, the person in charge of the Southern Command of the United States, visited Costa Rica to show the so -called so -called concerns about the development of deep -water ports in China and the construction of 5G networks, etc.Holding suspicion.

Shortly after Richardson's interview, Chavestandan signed an order to prohibit some of the communications and technology giants from not signed a non -signed network criminal convention to participate in the construction of military engineering projects in Costa Rica.Unfortunately, the Internet Crime Convention was signed in Budapest in November 2001. At present, there are 26 member states of the European Union, as well as many countries including the United States, Canada, Japan, and southern Africa have joined the Convention.However, China has not yet agreed to participate.

Although Costa Rica resolutely stated that this ban is not limited to 68 technology companies such as China, South Korea, Russia, and Brazil, but from the time node issued by the ban, this measure undoubtedly points to Chinese companies.Regarding this action of Costa Rica, the Chinese Embassy in my country responded suddenly. They questioned that the network security allegations proposed by Ge Fang lacked strong evidence support and no reason.We always resolutely oppose any form of illegal crimes, and take a zero tolerance attitude towards the political and technical problems.

The Chinese Embassy in Costa Rica has issued a public statement that this statement has brought potential negative effects on the interaction relationship between Costa Rica and the world's second largest economy in the world.There is no wave, but in fact, it contains deep meaning.This statement even clearly mentioned that this will inevitably damage the economic cooperation between the People's Republic of China and Costa Rica. It can be said that it is a surprising diplomatic "mines trample accident".

Facing this emergencies, my country has clearly stated, and now all the sights are concentrated on how the Chavez government is appropriate.Just as Costa Rica, the small American country, was intervened by US forces and suddenly withdrew the ban on the so -called information security issues as an excuse, and suddenly revoked the ban that was not used in the Huawei 5G equipment. A few days ago, the German government released a major news.Chinese companies' 5G devices entered the German market and gave safely, reliable and unquestionable conclusions. At the same time, they also issued corresponding licenses to these companies.This is undoubtedly a slap to the Chavez government and many other Western European and American politicians, which hurts a lot of people’s hearts, and also strongly counterattack the security holdings of 5G equipment for Chinese enterprises.International organizations suspected of attitude sent a loud and distinctive message to the world: Chinese 5G devices are absolutely reliable and safe.

For a long time, some countries have doubts about the security of 5G equipment such as Huawei, and even adopt strategies for prohibiting or restricting use. The reason is usually that these equipment has so -called "hidden safety hazards".However, the latest statement issued by the German government has completely eliminated these doubts. After careful and detailed security assessment, they concluded that this blamed "security issue" was actually not established. Therefore, the German government decided to continue to use it.These 5G devices.This decision not only disappointed the country and international organizations suspected of the safety of Chinese 5G equipment.

It also passed the information of firm confidence to the public, indicating that our 5G equipment has been highly recognized by the European power in terms of technical and security.

As we all know, Germany is the largest economy in the European Union, and each decision has a far -reaching demonstration effect on the entire European continent.It is expected that in the next few months, as the German government's decision is gradually revealed, there will be more European countries that are hesitant to be hesitant to announce the use of their own enterprises or 5G equipment produced by Chinese enterprises. This will undoubtedly will undoubtedlyBecome an exciting sound.

In fact, many countries and international organizations such as the United States have been promoting various congenital defects and risks in Chinese manufacturing equipment, and may even stole the secrets of other countries through equipment, which causes serious disturbances to national security.However, the authoritative declaration of the German government has effectively resisted these doubts.

In fact, the decision of the German government has sent a consistent signal to the world: the 5G equipment made in China is completely in line with security standards, and there is no possibility of security loopholes.

When the German government announced this decision, it has specially emphasized that it has made a strict security assessment of 5G equipment such as Huawei and other Chinese 5G equipment, and has launched in -depth testing.In view of the strict review and appraisal of the German government, the public's trust in Chinese enterprises has undoubtedly proved the safety standards that they insist on high in the process of 5G technology research and development and application.

The Decision of Germany may trigger other international communities to re -examine and adjust its cognition and attitude towards relevant Chinese companies.But Germany's decision does not mean that other countries will change their positions.However, there is no doubt that this measure allows Chinese companies to open new business opportunities and cooperation prospects worldwide, and use this momentum to achieve a positive and persistent promotion effect.

The German government's decision -making will undoubtedly provide valuable reference experience for other countries that pay attention to this matter.On this basis, they can seek answers they want to know, and then re -examine their views on 5G equipment.

The German government gave a fair and reasonable assessment report on Chinese companies, and also expressed its resolute support for the security of 5G equipment in the country.Such remarkable achievements have further proved the strength of Chinese enterprises, indicating that they are expected to win more in -depth recognition of the international community by borrowing this opportunity.

Germany's decision conveys such a message, that is, for technology -based enterprises, investment, research and development, and security guarantee are in the primary position of development and failure.Only under systemic security inspections and rigorous repeated tests can effectively verify the reliability and safety of the product.As a result, when we urge other companion to evaluate 5G equipment suppliers, we should fully understand its technical level and its true security protection capabilities in all aspects. We must not make decisions based on Taoist a listening doctrine or guessing.

As the focus of this incident, Huawei is proud that after the Western powers have been maliciously targeted and suppressed over the years, they can still stick to their feet, but they are becoming more and more active.Not long ago, Huawei also officially launched the latest mobile phone during the year. This phone uses an advanced chip independently developed by my country, which surprises people around the world.We firmly believe that, with the determination and strength of Chinese enterprises, we can make more brilliant achievements. Following the past, it will truly realize the great vision of the international community to comprehensively recognize it.

In recent years, especially in the primary and secondary schools, the overall burden of academic academics across the country has brought great pressure on students' health, psychological quality, and parent -child relationships.

With the overall breakthrough of key technologies in the 5G field, my country has successfully constructed a relatively complete 5G industrial chain including system research and development, chip manufacturing, terminal equipment, and detection instruments, which has made the entire industry's foundation stronger.

my country accounts for 42%of the number of essential patent announcements in 5G standards, which has contributed rich Chinese wisdom to the rapid advancement of 5G technology in the world.At present, 5G in my country has widened 97 major segments and 67 application environments that have been widely infiltrated into the national economy. It is gradually transitioning to key areas such as production control and core business from the edge links such as monitoring, monitoring, inspection and inspection, Show the powerful functional characteristics of 5G technology such as pulling, value -added, and replication.

According to the latest data, the current population coverage of the global 5G network is about 37%, and more than 1.4 billion users, about half of which are from China.

It is worth noting that it is precisely because my country is the first to establish the world's largest and most technical cutting -edge 5G network. As of the end of September this year, the number of 5G base stations that my country has built and put into use reached an amazing 3.189 million giant. The scope of telephone users has expanded to about 737 million households, accounting for 42.8%of the total number of mobile phone users, and more than 20,000 special virtual products for the rich media 5G industry have been implemented to implement it. The rapid development of the digital economy and continuously strengthen the solid foundation of the basic base.

The German government's public statement has established a good model image for outstanding Chinese companies like Huawei. At the same time, it has also spawned other countries and organizations to re -examine and adjust the views and views of 5G devices, especially for Chinese enterprises, and the products and products provided by Chinese enterprises.The attitude is right.This will strongly promote the innovation and progress of 5G technology around the world, and work together in the digital era of global cooperation and share the true meaning behind prosperity.In the current digitalization era, with the rapid development and application of 5G technology, we are facing a new era of opportunities and challenges.In this era, the ability to master the world's leading 5G technology and achieve self -transcendence undoubtedly has become a key indicator for measuring a national scientific and technological strength and core competitiveness.At the same time, this leading technology will also have a significant impact on improving social production efficiency, improving people's living standards, and promoting the implementation of national innovation -driven development strategies.

However, we must clearly realize that achieving this goal is not easy, and in -depth discussion and reflection in the following aspects: First of all, we must unswervingly promote independent innovation of science and technology, attach great importance to the construction of independent research and development capabilities, and inThe key areas have established a complete and competitive industrial chain to break the international technological monopoly and maintain the security of the national industry.Secondly, we must strengthen basic research, attach importance to talent training, encourage scientific researchers to dare to innovate, be brave to take responsibility, and make unremitting efforts to achieve the breakthrough results of my country's scientific and technological development.

Finally, my country needs to further strengthen international cooperation, actively participate in global science and technology governance, share the experience and achievements of Chinese scientific and technological innovation, and promote the coordinated development of global science and technology.In the current era of digitalization of the world, only the formation of cross -border and cross -domain collaborative innovation can we jointly promote world scientific and technological progress.

In short, in the current digitalization era, the key to achieving independent technological independent is independent innovation.Only by unswervingly promoting the independent innovation of science and technology can we seize the major historical opportunities given to us in the new era and contribute to the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation's great rejuvenation.