[Xixi] The U series Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis Championship of Baoding City has won great achievements

Original title: [Xixi] The实时新闻 U -series Tennis Tennis Baojiansheng of Baoding Olympic Championship City Cup won the school with good achievements

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In 2023, the U -series Tennis competition in Baoding City's "Olympic Championship Cup" after two days of fierce competition, the tennis team of the Affiliated School affiliated to Baoding Teachers in Hebei wonSeven gold, four silver four copperExcellent results.

Group A men's singles

Third place: Rong Zimo

Group A men's doubles

Fifth place: Gao Yi Hua/Huang Guangyu

Group A women's singles

First place: Ma Ruodian

Second place: Yang Bai Shenghan

Group A women's doubles

First place: Ma Ruoqing Yang Bai Shenghan

Group B men's singles

First place: Zhang Xizeze

Second place: Wu Jiahao, Cao Junyou

Fifth place: Lu Junhao

Group B men's doubles

First place: Wu Jiahao/Kang Junhao

Second place: Zhang Xize/Cao Junyou

Group B women's singles

First place: Zhang Sijia

Second placeTheYue Zitong

Group B women's doubles

First placeTheZhang Sijia Yue Zitong

Group C singles

First place: Liu Yichen

Third place: Bai Ruijia

Fifth place: Li Weitong Zhao Zixuan

Group C doubles

Second place: Zhao Zixuan Bai Ruijia

Third place: Li Chengyan Du Zhuo Yi

Fifth place: Jiang Jiayin/Yang Shangze, Liu Yichen/Li Yinqin

Since 2003, the family affiliated school affiliated to Hebei has deepened the integration of physical education and established a tennis professional team.The Tennis Team of the Bao Division School is a tennis training base that perfectly combines cultural education with tennis training. It is a youth tennis training school that spreads tennis culture and has professional level technology. It is also one of the high -level bases of national youth tennis training.The team members of the tennis team have won the championship and runner -up in the National Children's Tennis. The club has transported a large number of professional tennis players for the national and provincial tennis teams, "985", and "211" universities.In -the -school school has carried out the integration of physical education for many years, hired professional coaches, and opened foot, basket, row, nets, feathers, ping -pong, golf, stickball, fencing, shooting, archery, chess, cheerleading, skateboarding board, skateboarding, skateboarding boardsMore than 20 sports including roller skating have opened up channels for students' vertical and horizontal transportation professional teams.Sports is strong in China, and the National Games is happy.In order to thoroughly implement the fundamental task of Lideshu people, Bao Division attached to the school is committed to cultivating students into "beneficial people to society."

In recent years, Hebei Baoding Teachers' Affiliated School has fully implemented the Party Central Committee's "Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Physical Education and Promoting the Healthy Development of Youth", better developing physical education with Chinese characteristics, promoting the development of youth culture learning and physical exercise associations, promoting young peopleHealthy growth, experience will be the will, improve personality, and cultivate new socialist builders and successors who have developed the comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, and labor!

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