What kind of behavior when eating Western food?

4Month 29On the day of the US White House Journalists Association,hotly discussed information the dinner officially opened. During the dinner, the US President Biden's firepower was fully opened. Not only did he bombard the former US President Trump's slander on the spot, he also mocked the American conservative media that he had black.At the end of the speech at the end of the speech, I suddenly put on sunglasses, claiming that I had entered the dark bridge section.Then Biden published this blackened video in the early morning to personal social media accounts.

Why Biden is blackened? This incident still needs to start from the US presidential election from 2021. Many opponents who hate Biden often in Biden often in American sports events and other large -scale activities.Insulting Biden, using this method to vent his inner emotions. On October 2, 2021, these opposition fans of Biden in a car race shouted to oppose Biden's slogan.Even the remarks of abusive Biden became the cheer of the racer who were winning the race. Since then, the voices of insulting Biden ushered in a new code.Deng, instead, use the way to win the winner to win the stalk.

Biden's supporters decide this matter to cure their bodies with their own way, and then turn the slogans of these opponents into a statement of supporting Biden. They combine the various quotations of the opponents and doA stalk of Biden Black Chemical was prepared to teach Trump and his supporters in the 2024 presidential election. After that, Biden himself accepted his blackened stalk, and even used this slogan as 2024 to participate in 2024 participation in 2024 participation.Mobs for the presidential campaign.