Chinese merchant energy 163.8 million US dollars in Mexico project officially entered the implementation stage

On December 11,一手资讯 China Business Energy (0206.HK) issued an announcement that its wholly -owned subsidiary TSC Manufacturing and Supply LLC (referred to as "TSC") received the first oil rig of Mexican National Petroleum Corporation ("Pemex").The renovation execution order marks the official entry of the PEMEX contract with a total amount of US $ 163.8 million in the total amount of TSC in July this year.

The announcement shows that the joint bidders led by TSC this time have participated in the public bidding of the three projects of PEMEX for customers' technical parameters and service requirements for the modern high -end equipment of deep wells in deep wells.With more than 20 years of technical advantages, past performance and excellent products, and supply chain capabilities in high -end energy equipment, TSC finally stood out among many internationally renowned manufacturers.Top drivers and cat road machine operation and dimension service contracts.Among them, the drill automation control and driving system and the drill room are TSCs that have entered the Mexican market for the first time.

Earlier, TSC has made similar modernization and upgrades of PEMEX's 4 30 -year -old rigs. One of the 7000 -meter drills successfully completed a high -yield oil well with a depth of 7921 meters and an output of 16,000 barrels/day, highlighting the high performance after the rig transformation.The TSC upgraded rig has become the main drill of Pemex, and has been unanimously affirmed by PEMEX high -rise and oil field users.

Recently, the Mexican market has gradually emerged, market potential has been further stimulated and released, and its development prospects are broad.TSC has been farming in Mexico for more than ten years, and has accumulated rich engineering technology and market resources, and has established a good reputation and high -quality brand image for the TSC in the Mexican market.In the future, TSC will continue to open up the Mexican market on the basis of existing. It will be expected to thicken performance and provide strong support for Chinese business energy to lay out the new energy market overseas, and bring more new opportunities for its own development.

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Founded in 1938, Mexican National Petroleum Corporation (Pemex) is one of the world's largest oil companies and is one of the largest and most influential companies in Latin America.PEMEX's business spans the value chain of the oil and natural gas industries, from exploration and production (upstream) to industrial transformation, logistics and marketing (downstream), and its business spreads throughout Mexico.Pemex is one of the few comprehensive oil companies in the world and plays an important role in Mexico's economic and social development.