Is the original really Iran's doing it? Just after the ceasefire between Palestine and Israel, Israel was attacked, and important news came from the Pentagon.

Original title: Did Iran really do it?热议资讯 Just after the ceasefire between Palestine and Israel, Israel was attacked, and important news came from the Pentagon.

According to Xinhuanet, a temporary ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel came into effect two days ago. The two sides will have a truce for four days. On the eve of the ceasefire, the Israeli government announced the "home plan" for those detained by Hamas. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar said that the first batch of detainees are scheduled to be released from the Gaza Strip in the near future. At present, the Israeli army has been "completely grounded" in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, but the sound of aircraft hovering can still be heard in places such as the Nuseilet refugee camp in the middle. Palestinian armed groups once fired rockets at Israel after the ceasefire agreement came into effect, but were intercepted by Israel's "Iron Dome" defense system.

The temporary ceasefire between Palestine and Israel is an action mediated by many parties. The previous large-scale conflict between Palestine and Israel has caused more than 16,000 people to die, including more than 15,000 Palestinians. Under the large-scale attack of Israel, broken walls has been everywhere in the northern part of the Palestinian Gaza Strip, and the living space of Palestinians has suffered a serious impact, so the Gaza Strip has fallen into a deep disaster. Despite the strong opposition of the international community, Israel indiscriminately bombed the Gaza Strip, resulting in serious losses in the Gaza Strip.

According to international online reports, recently, the humanitarian ceasefire agreement in Gaza was implemented for the third day. Hamas and Israel released the third batch of detainees respectively. On the same day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu entered the Gaza Strip and inspected the local Israeli army. According to Israeli media, more than 10 detainees released by Hamas have arrived at the hospital, and helicopters carrying 11 released Israeli children and their families have landed at Schneider Children's Medical Center in central Israel. According to foreign media reports, three Thai detainees released by Hamas that night have arrived at Asaf Haroufi Hospital.

However, just after the ceasefire between Palestine and Israel, Israel was attacked again. What is going on?

According to the World Wide Web, during the temporary ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, Iran actually fired the "first shot". Recently, US Defense Department officials said that an Israeli cargo ship was attacked by a "suspected Iranian drone" in the Indian Ocean on Friday, and the cargo ship was damaged, but no casualties were caused. It is reported that the attack occurred a few hours before the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. This cargo ship is owned by an Israeli and flies the Maltese flag. The cargo ship was suspected to have been attacked by a triangle-shaped "Witness -136" drone carrying bombs. For this accusation, the Iranian side has not yet seen a response.