"Lucheng Cup" Youth Tennis Tournament starts

Hainan Daily Sanya,热门新闻 December 10th (Reporter & ENSP; Xu Huiling) On December 9th, the 2023 "Lucheng Cup" Youth Tennis Points Challenge CTJ-B600 (Sanya Station) fought at the Sanya International Tennis Center.The theme of this competition is "Dream Flying Deer City"Xingyao Future", in the two -day competition, hundreds of young players from all over the country competed here to compete here to chase the dream of tennis.

As a national youth tennis points ranking series, the "Lucheng Cup" youth tennis points challenge held in Sanya this time, a total of U8 singles, U10 men's singles, U10 women's singles, U12 men's singles, U12 women's singles, U14 men's singles, men's singles, men's singles,In 7 groups such as U14 women's singles, the champion will receive 600 CTJ points, further promoting the improvement of the level of tennis levels of young people in Hainan, and strengthening sports exchanges between Hainan and national youth.

According to the relevant person in charge of Sanya, Sanya ushered in the first national well -known national youth competition in Sanya to usher in the national well -known national youth competition, setting a platform for local young players in Hainan and national players, attracting more young people into the court to participate in tennis.Through the establishment of a high -level tennis competition platform, Sanya showed the city's image of opening up Sanya, Vitality Sanya, and Happy Sanya, so that more people can understand and like this city through tennis, and become the powerful development of Sanya's "sports+education+tourism"Grab.