Israeli army: About 10,000 air strikes have been carried out against Palestinian targets.

  Beijing,实时新闻 4 December/According to a report by DPA on 3 December, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that it had carried out about 10,000 air strikes on targets in Palestinian territory since the war began nearly two months ago.

  The Israeli military said on the 3rd that the targets in the Gaza Strip include Hamas's command center, tunnels and arsenals.

  The report said that none of this information could be independently confirmed.

  Just three weeks ago, the Israeli military said that it had attacked more than 15,000 targets in coastal areas since the war began.

  The report pointed out that due to the large-scale attack on Gaza, which caused a large number of civilian casualties, the international community's criticism of the Israeli army's actions was growing, and the Israeli army in turn accused Hamas of launching attacks from residential areas and hospitals and using civilians as human shields.

  According to the latest data released by Hamas, since October 7, Israeli attacks have killed 15,523 people and injured 41,316 others.

  According to United Nations estimates, about 80% of the 2.2 million residents in the Gaza Strip had to leave their homes because of the war.

  Israeli media reported that about 10,000 rockets have been fired from Gaza to Israel since the war began.