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  According to a number of domestic media reports,breaking news EU member states and European parliament members reached a preliminary agreement on the 8th local time on the 8th of local time to reach an agreement on the world's first comprehensive supervision of artificial intelligence (AI).The bill is a milestone, marking a key step in the EU in terms of artificial intelligence supervision.

  According to the preliminary agreement, the bill will put forward strict requirements for the transparency of all general artificial intelligence models including ChatGPT, and prohibit the artificial intelligence system that causes "unacceptable risks", such as behavior, social status, and personal characteristics that cause human security.Systems, etc.In addition, the bill also stipulates that artificial intelligence companies need to control the algorithm and establish a corresponding risk management system.

  Although the European Union's supervision of artificial intelligence is still not considered insufficient, supporters believe that the "Artificial Intelligence Act" helps promote innovation and the development of local industries in Europe.However, some large enterprises have publicly objected to passing the bill, saying it may damage European competitiveness.Whether the current rules are too rigorous still remains to be observed.