[Sanya Yishan Lake] Located on the south side of the central section of Yingbin Road in the central axis of Sanya, Xiaoxi Lake Wetland Park in the east!Intersection

Project support:

Medical support:

Sanya Maternal and Child Health Hospital,热门新闻 Sanya Municipal People's Hospital, Sanya Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Sanya Central Hospital, PLA 425 Hospital, 301 PLA General Hospital Hainan Hospital

Education supporting:

Kindergarten: Yishan Lake Kindergarten, Municipal Third Kindergarten, Sunshine Beibei Kindergarten

Primary School: City Seven Primary School, Five Primary Schools of Municipalities, Nine Primary Schools of Municipalities

Middle School: City No. 1 Middle School, Fenghe School, Overseas Chinese School, Shuangpin Middle School, People's Congress High School, Peking University Affiliated Middle School, Lu Xun Middle School

University: Tropical Ocean Academy, Sanya Yazhou Bay University Town

Ecological supporting:

Hailu Ridge, Fenghuangling, Da'anling, Baishi Ridge, Baihuling, Coconut Dream Corridor Sanya Bay, 4A -level scenic spots, Dadonghai, the First Bay Yalong Bay, the National Coast

Municipal supporting facilities:

Sanya Sports Center, Sanya Municipal Government, Jiyang District Government, Sanya Mass Art Museum, Dadonghai Plaza, Lu Huituo Park, Bailu Park, Fenghuangling Park, Linchunling Forest Park, Yalong Bay Tropical Forest Park, Begonia Plaza Plaza

Business supporting:

Honggang New Trade City, Outlet Mall, Lotte City, Danzhou Farmers Market, Pearl Plaza, Sanya International Shopping Center, Summer Department Store, Jiyang Farmers Market, Jiyang Commercial Street, Baihua Valley Commercial Street, Wanda Cultural Center, Haitang Bay International Shopping Center (Duty Free City), Duty Free Shopping Center in Actual Home

Internal supporting:

In the first phase of the owner's restaurant, gym, Wanghao supermarket, large pharmacy, home life experience hall, characteristic swimming pool, kindergarten, badminton court, tennis court, basketball court, etc.Resort swimming pools, over 2500 square meters of kindergarten, owners' clubs, owners' restaurants, owners' supermarkets, gyms, and day care centers for the elderly.18,000 square meters of high -end community business, eating, drinking, playing and buying are all available, to meet the daily needs of the owners, use 7 meters of land height difference, and build a lot of money for the owner to cultivate the body and mind.Many precious world famous books and masterpieces, use the book incense and incense, let the owner calmly tastate comfortable time.

Unit Appreciation: