The film "Hot Search" released a special edition of "Standing for People". Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin interpreted the "all beings" behind the public opinion field and scanned the code to read t

  The film Hot Search, directed by Xin Yukun and starring Zhou Dongyu, Song Yang and Justin, will be released nationwide on November 30th, and the first shot will be fired. This week, the film market has obviously picked up, and the pre-sale of Hot Search is in full swing. Today, the film released a special group portrait of "Setting Up People", and director Xin Yukun said frankly that "a fresh and powerful setting in the script of Hot Search is the characters". Defective rescuers, silent onlookers, unlimited abusers and imperfect victims jointly staged a "smoke everywhere" online public opinion war. The weak and the powerful are fighting for their lives, and the indifferent spectators are watching. How this just war for the truth will unfold is expected.

  Previously, the film Hot Search has started the national roadshow of "Voice All the Way", and gained many praises from the audience. "Every character in the film is so real and vivid that I began to pay attention to the present and the people around me." Some viewers also said, "In the online world, we think we are bystanders, but in fact we may be cyberbullies, and if we continue to develop, we will become victims. This movie has sounded the alarm for me."

  Refracting reality! A glimpse of "Kaleidoscope of Human Nature" in Hot Search

  Audience: This film is a microcosm of the contemporary online world.

  In the movie, a shocking "campus interest chain" is involved because of the girl Zhang Xiaosui's jumping off a building, and a game of humanity is staged with a flawed rescuer Chen Miao (Zhou Dongyu), a silent bystander He Yan (Song Yang) and an unlimited abuser Peng Yue (Justin). Chen Miao, whose interests are supreme, chose to put all her eggs in one basket after learning the truth about sexual assault; In other words, it is more like a difficult social animal trapped by reality. Although it struggles, it still chooses to rely on power; Yue Peng, the perpetrator with no lower limit, tried to cover up the truth and do evil to the end.

  Xin Yukun, the director, tries to be true when portraying human nature, saying that he "doesn't want the positive characters in the spring and snow, and he doesn't want to treat the villains as faceless". In addition, the hypocritical and timid accomplice, the mother who has no choice, and the victim who is deeply afraid ... The complex and diverse human struggles are vividly displayed in Hot Search. Some viewers said that "the film is a microcosm of the contemporary online world, and no one can be immune to it".

  Reshape the rules! "Voice of Justice" brings strength in the cold winter

  Director Xin Yukun: It takes someone brave enough to break this cycle.

  Talking about Chen Miao's transformation from "flow first" to "speaking for the weak", Zhou Dongyu said that "the sins of some people have completely inspired the ideals and values she has been pursuing". Xin Yukun, the director, also explained that the constant mirror image relationship and the constant cycle of victims' experiences in the film also prompted Chen Miao to make a change and become the first person to break the rules on his own initiative. Some things have been circulating, and we need someone brave enough to break it.