International Politics attributed Kazakhstan's temporary truce to Qatar's ingenious mediation.

Sources pointed out that on the afternoon of November 22nd,Current affairs information Middle East time, in the office of Doha, the capital, Prime Minister Qada mainly consulted with Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Secret Service) and Egyptian intelligence agencies. The representative of Hamas did not attend the meeting, but communicated by telephone. The meeting continued until the early morning of the 23rd, and then at 7: 00 a.m. on the 24th, the truce began in Gaza.

Why can Israel and Hamas, who have no trust in each other at all, talk for nine hours and then reach a truce? Because Qatar uses shuttle-style talks, that is to say, Qatar is not a mouthpiece, but actively participates in the truce talks. American officials believe that Qatar can narrow the gap between Israel and Hamas, especially when sensitive issues such as hostages are solved before the truce is declared for the first time.

As early as the beginning, Israel said directly that it would not exchange Palestinian prisoners held by Israel for hostages held in Gaza Corridor. However, Hamas made the release of an Israeli soldier as early as 2011 in exchange for more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners locked up by Israel. As a result, Israel and Kazakhstan reached a consensus on the ratio of one civilian hostage to three Palestinian prisoners.

Senior officials of Qatar who participated in the negotiations revealed that at first, both sides were deadlocked, but with the passage of time, everyone was willing to modify the proposal before reaching an agreement. So once again, Qatar is the real mediator.

During the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, there are still many details to be observed, such as where the Israeli tank car is parked in the Gaza Corridor. Moreover, Israeli soldiers also evacuated Gaza Hospital at the request of Hamas, including Al Shifa Hospital occupied by Israel.

Some of these negotiators have been playing the role of mediator between Israel and Hamas since 2014, because as long as one side commits a slight foul, it will fight again immediately, so even shooting or moving tanks should be stipulated.

Qatar is one of the few countries that can talk to Israel and Hamas. Qatar, which is rich in natural gas resources, has been in the middle of coordination since Hamas raided Israel on October 7, and even the United States and Russia appreciate Qatar's good deployment.

However, some people in Europe and America accuse Qatar of being a supporter of Hamas, a terrorist organization. Officials in Qatar pointed out that in 2012, when the offices of Palestinian militants were driven out of Syria, at the request of the United States, they began to have contact with Hamas representatives in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

The famous Georgetown University in the United States believes that Qatar can successfully complete the first ceasefire agreement because of its contact with important cadres of armed groups. Qatar has supported these once isolated organizations in the past, and now Qatar is asking these organizations to report back.

Although it is closely related to Hamas' high-level, this armistice negotiation did not talk directly with Hamas' leaders in Gaza, but through Hamas' representatives in Doha. As for the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, it also plays a diplomatic role, although Israel has no formal diplomatic relations with Qatar.

Reuters pointed out that since the temporary ceasefire between Israel and Kazakhstan, about 100 hostages have been released from Gaza, including people who are not Israelis. Israel has also released at least 210 Palestinians from prisons, and allowed relief organizations to increase humanitarian assistance to Gaza and refuel.