Russian Siberian arteries were attacked by black arteries. The strength of the Koko Allied forces was strengthened. Foreign support?

Author: Chijian Tianya

Both of the title come from the readers' questions. Well,高速资讯 the book belongs to the authenticity. Let's take a look at the first one, a reader who is destroyed by the Siberian railway by the Siberian railway twice this year.

First of all, Chi Jian personally thinks that there is a certain possibility that Russian rape was bought by Ukraine to destroy the Siberian railway. After all, through this method, Ukraine solves the situation of the agent crossing the situation, and then reaches the difficulty of Russia's hinterland in the unhealthy Life of Uta.Ukraine only needs to provide funds, and then provides a corresponding destruction plan based on existing information to solve many problems, but a urgent problem facing at this time is the problem of explosives and blasting devices that destroy the Siberian arteries.

If it wasn't for Russia, Russian rape, but Ukraine's specially trained agents directly armed to cross the territory, and then took the transportation to reach the destroyed location. It was a good solution to people's problems.Waiting for problems, but the Siberian railway is wide and sparse. Even if there is a skill in Uga, the problem of eating, drinking problems and sleeping problems, so from this point of viewThe rebellious Russian rape not said first, Uta can successfully implement the damage in the cold season (January and November this year) that are inconvenient to build, and these Uflands will definitely have "responders" in Russia.

These respondents, sometimes their positions may not be the hatred of iron in the bones. Russia is ruthless, or Russian gangsters who just want to make money are mixed with some places.

Ukraine's intelligence layout and personnel layout in Russia are far less strong as Western countries in the United States, so in terms of intelligence layout and the field of penetration of Russia, Chi Jian personally thinks that the United States and Western countries may not directly participate in the work of destroying the Siberian arteries.However, it is very likely to provide a lot of help for Agotia in Vietnam, and it is even much more likely to be more likely to be more likely to buy by readers.

If you also provide this perspective from the United States and Western countries, you will find that if the United States and Western countries work, the Ukraine is out of people and do not walk far away (that is, first cross the border from the southwestern border of Russia, and then the agent arrives in Russia's concentration.Repair points, and then open a long journey to reaching the eastern border of Russia from western Russia through transportation), and directly let U Tega arrived in Mongolia or Kazakhstan, and then entered Russia from these countries to reach the damage point, regardless of whether it is, whether it isCorrespondingly, the time it takes the safety coefficient is much higher than the implementation of the whole territory in Russia. After all, the previous plan is also afraid of "night dreams".

Therefore, from the pro -American and Japanese Mongolia, some time ago, there were Western forces who infiltrated Kazakhstan, which infiltrated the civil strife. It should be a good direction. Ukraine agents can cross the border.No.

As for the influence of two times to destroy the Siberian railway, Chijian believes that the second time (that is, last month) is more serious than the first time.In the case, it was a bit difficult to say that it was a bit difficult to say at a time of 30 to 40 hours.The protection of key facilities such as important tunnel bridges in Russia will be strengthened.

The Siberian arteries generally transport primary supplies such as wood, coal, etc. from the Far East direction, while Moscow's direction transports other production and living materials to the Far East Border Region.Nothing, the purpose of Ukraine is just to do a small damage in Russia, nausea and nausea Russia.

After the Palestinian conflict, many assistance to Israel's assistance and military support have squeezed away a lot of assistance to Ukraine. In addition, the counterattack of Ukraine was unfavorable, but it was "unfavorable" by Russia to the United States and Western countries."Anti -counterattack" and achieved a large result, so recent news from Western media said that in the future, the assistance to Ukraine will become a "limited" type, ensuring that Ukraine is "hungry".In the past, when it was open to Ukraine, Ukraine urgently needed to find a good day, so that the future of Russia and Ukraine's conflict in the future should not be too worried, and the direction of Russia is more favorable.

The second popular science comes from the question and answer of the interface of the red sword circle of friends, and it is also more representative in the military lap circle. Therefore, today, by using this opportunity, we will do simple popular science on the problem that everyone cares about.

First of all, the so -called strength of the Kokang Allied forces is essentially the results of their "water army"."Netizens' brain holes, and these passionate network brain holes are actually to a certain extent. Except for the pleasure in the mouth, the spirit is self -proclaimed, and there is no benefit of our overall national interests.Take these brain holes to make a difficult and accountability to the Myanmar military government. Some people have always been doing the relationship between China and Myanmar, just like the cooperation between Western media and the Myanmar Exile Organization in 2009 to slander the construction of the China -Myanmar oil and gas pipelines.

The strength of the Kokang Allied forces enhanced?Don't listen to them!How many bases they can overcome one day and how many heavy towns. In fact, there are a few people in the so -called military base, and the nature is more similar to the security pavilion in the domestic community. The so -called heavy town is just some small villages.All the teams have fallen?

It's so good, so special warfare, it will not play the 150,000 population of the old street. There are more than 3 weeks of small counties with an area of 2,700 square kilometers.Some troops (it can be understood that during the period of our warlord melee, the private soldiers raised by the big households themselves.Teams, so, were embarrassed to say that they defeated the Burmese Army, but Min Anglai armed for armed forces.

The civilians of the Burmese government forces were sincere, but the Burmese government gave them identity, but in fact, the level of equipment and the level of personnel, compared with the Burmese formal army, it is really much worse.If you don't, the veteran has commented ".... The level cannot even compare with our militia ...".

The Kokang Allied Forces used to depend on the great Han feelings, language, customs, and text advantages. They used "high salary" and "dream chasing" and other methods to deceive many veterans who have served in the army to northern Burma, and then the veterans found that they were deceived.I ca n’t run anymore. After all, there are many people in the first, and they still have weapons. When they run out, they have no money or communication tools. They are not familiar with their lives.Knowing who helps to return to the country ... and so on, can only be forced to stay in the northern Myanmar puppet, and the arrival of these people (veterans) and their influence have made the Koki allies sing the same military songs, mentioning it to mention it, mentioning it, and mentioning it.The same step, training tactics, etc. have slowly moved to us, but they are actually "painting tigers into cats".At the time, they actually broke out without fighting and returned to the forest directly?

Therefore, the so -called enhancement of the so -called Kokang Allied Army is actually the "water" of the Burmese army. Some of the components that have been transformed by the deceived veterans and the results that have been obtained are inside.Direct assistance of strength, 8,000 people's modern elite teams will not be able to play a Ping'an County without a city wall in three weeks?

Therefore, don't listen to the wind as rain. The public opinion of the Kokang Allied forces is too capable of blinding some people. They are essentially the factions of civil and land martial arts to grab the site in order to seize power.

Don't take any descendants of the Chinese Han people. This has passed 379 years. They only think of themselves in their roots. Myanmar is good at the station in Myanmar.Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang's descendants went to the clamor and shouted, let them stop the faction internal fighting, and return to Huaxia to listen to his orders. Who do you see who dare to recognize this serious Ming Queen?

Not to mention the incident more than 300 years ago, just 50 years ago, they did not recognize them. When they turned their faces, they turned their faces.Why does the slogan deprive me of the jealous governance rights that I have worked hard to die?

Therefore, in 1992, the descendants of the Yang family Tusi were in the internal dysentery with the Peng family, and the same inner pupae never stopped from 1992 to 2009, and because the Bai family pierced the Peng family in the 2009 Alliance faction, soBefore the Peng family, who was under the name of 1020 anti -electrical fraud, directly stated that he could accept the surrender of the Ming family and the Liu family, but did not accept the surrender of the Bai family.The situation is that the Peng family and the Bai family are fighting. Different civilians and different civilians are fighting.), What kind of lively we Chinese are to make up, who is a so -called support and opposition, and fight for you to die, there is no meaning at all.

So everyone really thought that the Koko Allied forces were supported? It's a great joke!We are really doing this at all.