The world's four shipping giants have announced the suspension of the transportation cost of Honghai routes in the short term.

  Today's trend: () Touched the daily limit today,News information the stock has daily limit 12 times in the past year.

  Reasons for the reasons for the change of movement: 1. Investigation announcement on November 3: The company's in-depth research and development of AI technology based on deep learning, followed the frontiers of artificial intelligence technology, officially launched the KD-GPT model in July 2023, including the multi-mode mode, including multi-mode mode.Models, AIGC image models, and industry models have begun to take shape and began to be applied in actual projects.

2. The company is mainly engaged in software and hardware development, equipment manufacturing, product sales and technical services of video conference systems, video surveillance systems and fusion communication systems.

3. On November 10, 2023, the company stated on the interactive platform that the company has now launched a domestic server product that supports domestic CPUs, GPUs and operating systems. The subsequent company will further improve the product sequence to meet the users of different scenarios in different scenarios of users.Application needs.

4. In April 2021, the company disclosed on the interactive platform: The company's participating subsidiary Jiangsu instinct mainly engaged in research, product development and sales, solutions, and overall application business.The company holding Jiangsu instinctively equity ratio is 23.44%, and the company will pay close attention to the relevant policies and technological development trends in the field of smart transportation.