The movie "Goodbye, Li Kele" mainly created the special emotional video of "Going Home for Reunion" in Chengdu, focusing on the family's common growth and scanning the code to read the mobile version.

  Recently,火速资讯 directed by Wang Xiaolie, written by Liu Qian and Wu Di, starring NI YAN, starring Seven and specially starring Jason Wu, director Wang Xiaolie returned to Chengdu with actors Tan Songyun, Wu Jing, Jiang Long and Zhao Xiaotong to participate in the theme screening of "Going Home for Reunion" after the premiere in Beijing.

  At the same time, the film also released a special emotional video of "You say, I want to hear". Focusing on the pain points of contradictions in family relations, with the progress of the times, family members have grown up together under the inspiration of love. The film "Goodbye, Li Kele" will be officially released in China on December 1, 2023, and the second round of screening will be held in other cities except first-tier cities from 18: 00 to 21: 00 on November 29 and 30, to start the first shot of the Lunar New Year and warm the winter at the end of the year with stories.

  Jason Wu Seven, the founder of Chengdu, participated in the theme screening of "Going Home for Reunion" to interpret the understanding of "love"

  On November 28th, director Wang Xiaolie, together with actors Seven, Jason Wu, Long Jiang and Xiaotang Zhao, attended the post-screening meeting of "Going Home for Reunion" in Chengdu and had a warm interaction with the audience. Some fans at the scene called Jason Wu "Dad", saying that Li Boyu, played by Jason Wu, was the best dad in the world. After reading it, people could not help but want to "recognize their relatives". The classic symbol "Chengdu String" representing the father in the film also appeared on the scene. Daughter Seven feasted and tasted the deep fatherly love, which also made the audience burst into tears. Jason Wu expressed emotionally that he hoped everyone could cherish the people around him. When the audience asked Seven, "Will Li Yan have another dog instead of Coke", Seven expressed his opinion that "love is unique and irreplaceable, just as the father's love for his daughter in the film is unmatched by any emotion in the world".

  The enthusiastic interaction between the creators and the audience brought the atmosphere to a climax, and the sharing and interpretation of the characters' plots also made the audience understand the "love and hope" behind the film more deeply. Many viewers said that this is the warmest movie they have seen this year. The movie made them more convinced that "love is always there" and "I will see my loved ones again", and they all said that they would brush it off and recommend it to friends around them. I believe that after the film is officially released on December 1, more audiences will feel the power of "love and hope" and be cured by the warm heart of the film.

  "You say, I want to hear" special video focuses on family education and discusses how families can grow up together.