IPG Optoelectronics rose 0.60% of the stock price exceeded the $ 100 mark

At 22:51 on December 11,breaking news 2023, Beijing time, IPG Optoelectronics (IPGP.US) stocks appeared, and the stock price was fastPull up0.60%.As of press time, the stock reported at $ 100.01/share, with a transaction volume of 2454 shares.Change rate0.01%, an amplitude of 0.58%.

Recent financial report data shows that the stock is realizedOperating income$ 301 billion,Net profit54.99 million dollars,Earnings per share1.16 US dollars,gross profit$ 131 million, P / E ratio of 51.03 times.

In terms of institutional rating, 50%of all 10 institutions participating in the rating have given buying suggestions, 40%of the securities firms have given suggestions, and 10%of the securities firms give selling suggestions.

In the semiconductor industry where IPG Optoelectronics is located, the overall increase is 1.75%.Among its related stocks, Xu Ming Optoelectronics, Axt Inc, and cores have increased significantly. WISA Technology, Intest Corp, AEHR Test Systems are more active, with the transition rate of 3.60%, 1.33%, and 1.16%.There are AXT Inc, POET TechNologies Inc, Yuming Optoelectronics, with amplitude of 13.64%, 12.38%, and 11.18%, respectively.

Introduction to IPG Optoelectronics: IPG Photonics Corp is a vertical integration of high -performance optical fiber laser, fiber optic amplifier and diode laser development and manufacturer.Its products are widely used, including manufacturing, automobiles, industry, aerospace, semiconductors and consumer terminal markets.Most of the company's main income comes from material processing applications in fiber laser, including cutting and welding, marking and carving, and micro -processing.About one -third of the company's income comes from China, and the other parts come from North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries in the world.I