Morgan Stanley lowered rating EOG energy rating to watch the latest target price of $ 134.00

  Flush Shunmei shares News On December 11,突发新闻 Morgan Stanley rated the EOG energy rating from the increase of its holdings to the holding of stocks.The latest target price is $ 134.00.

  EOG Energy released the 2023 quarterly report on November 2nd. The company's operating income as of September 30, 2023, with operating income of US $ 17.829 billion, was -6.08%year-on-year, net profit was US $ 5.606 billion, and the basic earnings per share were $ 9.65.

  EOG Energy Corporation was a company established in Tellahua in 1985.The company and its subsidiaries are the largest independent exploration oil and natural gas companies, and the company has spread throughout the United States, Canada, Britain, and China.Maximize the return on investment in capital through control operations and capital costs and maximum reserve recovery. The purpose of this strategy is to strengthen the production cost of cash flow and income to generate the production cost per unit, allow EOG to bring long -term productionKeep a strong balance sheet while growth.EOG mainly implements this strategy through providing low -cost production by drilling equipment.At the same time as the low cost structure, the safety operation business is also a major implementation strategic goal of EOG.