Amalin's trading in the early morning fell 6.56%at 0.800 US dollars at $ 0.800

At 22:36 on December 11,实时新闻 2023, Beijing time, AMRN.US stocks fluctuated, and the stock price fell sharply by 6.56%.As of press time, the shares reportChange rate0.01%, an amplitude of 1.59%.

Recent financial report data shows that the stock is realizedOperating income65.67 million dollars,Net profit-19.22 million US dollars,Earnings per share-0.05 US dollars,gross profit28.92 million US dollars, P / E ratio -6.89 times.

In terms of institutional rating, among all 5 of all five agencies, 20%of brokers give buying suggestions, 40%of brokers give suggestions, and 40%of brokers give selling suggestions.

The overall increase in the pharmaceutical industry where Amalin's stock is located is 0.04%.Among its related stocks, Imamnabis Corp, Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc, Acelrx Pharmaceuticals Inc has increased, and Redhill Biopharma LTD, Hopson Pharmaceutical, Sonoma Pharmaceuticals Inc are more active. , The turnover rates are 9.53%, 1.13%, and 0.71%, respectively, and the amplitudeThe larger related stocks include Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc, Sunshine Biopharma Inc, Aytu Biopharma Inc, with amplitude of 10.33%, 9.00%, and 8.94%.

Introduction to Amarin: Amarin Corp PLC is a biopharmaceutical company.It focuses on the commercialization and development of the treatment and development of CV risk that improves cardiovascular (or CV) and health.Its leading products include VasicPa.