National Centenary Artist -Wu Zhenchun

Wu Zhenchun, pseudonym in Mo Yuan, Nan from Shangnan, Shaanxi.Since childhood, I have loved calligraphy, practicing words without any things, and using "I have the same book with the same book, nothing and a neighbor with the words" as my own motto.Kai Xing's grass and grass are involved in the grass, and they like to do grass. They often come to Wang Xizhi's book "Lanting Preface", Zhao Mengfu's line book "Luo Shen Fu", "Leisure Fame", Sun Guoting's cursive book "Book Book", Wang Xizhi's cursive "Ten""Seven Posts", I also like Xiaokai, often facing the "Lingfei Sutra", and Wen Zhengming's "Qin Fu".Frequently study the calligraphy theory of the ancestors, and guide practice with theoretical guidance.In addition to studying ancient monuments, he also likes to discuss learning with calligraphers in the peers.Participating in the Central Provincial Calligraphy Tournament also occasionally won awards. Awards are a kind of encouragement. Only by continuous efforts can we inherit the art of calligraphy and achieve small achievements.In November 2020, he won the second prize of the 7th "Contemporary China" Calligraphy Art Works Contest, and won the National Senior Calligraphy Mage (Senior Title Certificate) in August 2021, and in December 2021, "Report to the People,Gift to the two sessions "{ people artist} title.He is currently a member of the Chinese Folk Literary and Artists Association, a member of the Chinese Poetry Society, a member of the Shaanxi Calligraphers Association, a member of the Shaanxi Hard Book Association, and an academician of Shaanxi Province Zhonghe Painting and Calligraphy Institute.He is the vice chairman of the Shangluo City Folk Literary and Artists Association, the chairman of the Shangnan County Folk Literary and Artists Association, the deputy secretary -general of the Shangluo City Writing Society, and the chairman of the Zhao Chuan Branch of the Shangnan County Poetry Couplet Society.

The active and far away can be long. In the study of Mr. Wu Zhenchun, each book is full of posts.New, and touching.These have laid a solid foundation for their own writing style.

Looking at Mr. Wu Zhenchun's works, the pen and ink are smooth, chic and elegant, and full of atmosphere.Rhymes make the viewer stop and stay back and forth.

Mr. Wu Zhenchun's calligraphy is both passionate and rational.Looking at his cursive script, his eyes could not help but be trapped. With the lines and pens of his cursive script, the pen is tight and dense, and the time is fast.It is shrouded in the "gas field" created by his cursive script, just like watching him waving his pen and ink in reality.

Cursive script is a very unique and artistic form of calligraphy.Its strokes are smooth and elegant, giving people a sense of freedom and unrestrained.Cursive works are often full of dynamic and vitality, which can make people feel the author's emotions and temperament.Cursive writing is also very unique, and you need to master certain skills and experience.Its strokes are changing many, sometimes it needs to be fast -run, and sometimes it needs to be paused and accumulating.This writing method not only requires superb calligraphy skills, but also requires the author to have deep cultural heritage and aesthetic ability.

Mr. Wu Zhenchun's works also softened into a thick, rough, quaint and strong charm, and the aesthetic taste has a deeper and perfect connotation.He said that the book is "God and Fun".Yes, look at the work carefully, the pen and ink are vivid, the charm is deep and very interesting.

Art from life is higher than life.The wonderful way of the book is the scene of writing temperament, writing, conservation, writing rich nature, writing and changing all kinds of things ... The house leaks in the old street of vicissitudes, the rain is flowing down the wall, and the uneven wall meanders the bet.Farming marks.Calligraphy should pursue such an artistic effect and use lines to inspire the hearts of people.

For many years, Mr. Wu Zhenchun has practiced his artistic ideals and art pursuit with action.Without a quiet and high mind, it is difficult to really commit to calligraphy art.

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