"Golden Guide" 12.11 Gold today's trend real -time analysis and recommendation suggestion

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  To make investment, we must first establish the correct investment concept. This is the root of everything. Secondly, do the management of the funds of the position, maintain a good mentality, make it proud, do not be discouraged if you lose, and suppleme it with solid technical skills;The correct road guidance goes down, uses Tao to control the essence through the appearance, and experience many air games from behind the K line, the main fighting contest, follow the footsteps of the market, respect the market, fear the market, and follow the market.


  The November non -agricultural employment report announced in the United States was unexpectedly stronger, and the announcement value was 199,000, far exceeding the previous value and expectations.The unemployment rate fell to 3.7%, and the monthly wage increased exceeded expectations.At the same time, as American families have lowered inflation expectations in the next year to the highest level in 22 years, American consumer confidence has rebounded sharply in early December, exceeding all forecasts.As a result, the gold was suppressed and once fell back to the 2000 mark. The non -farm was perfectly emptied. The 2023 emptiness of Jin Sheng's layout was successfully reached the goal of 2010.


  Gold has exceeded the historical high of 2075 this week, and directly flying to the sky near 2150, setting a record high.However, things must be reversed, and then the decline is even more fierce. It ushered in a collapse and falling. It once fell back to 2009 to relieve the decline.The Air Force successfully launched a counterattack, reversing the recent multi -strong pattern, and the non -agricultural predecessor maintained in the 2020-2035 range shock.In the end, non -agricultural data was super expected, so as to suppress the rapid decline in gold, a minimum of near 1995, and the daily decline was as high as 40 points. Fortunately, it was closed above 2000.

  Gold is currently over 2148. The top of the top is clear, and the deep V reversal fell, and it has successfully fell back to the 2,000 mark. This week, it has fallen by more than 150 points.The daily line is a large yin with a high fall to the long upper lead. Then the even Yin continues down.All the gains have laid the foundation for a short loser next week.From the perspective of wave theory, the rise of this wave in 1932-2148 is in the rising phase of 3 waves, and the current pressure 2148 has begun to fall and has entered the adjustment of 4 waves.Now 2009 has also successfully fallen below, then the Air Force has further clarified. Although the 2,000 mark has been held this week, the rebound focuses on the shortage of 2009, and it is expected to fall near 1970.


  Crude oil was downward yesterday, and the disadvantaged unilateral decline in the daily line formed by the daily line. This Monday has always emphasized that the probability must break through the 72.0 low, and always insist on shorting.At the low position, the short -term is still weak.The 4 -hour chart came out of a wave of unilateral weakness after a wave of tideling, so that the unilateral market can accumulate the wavelet space, so be sure to catch the band of the unilateral market.The shock accumulates small benefits, unilaterally accumulates in Italy. The band must be firmly grasped, and the bullets and energy are concentrated on the variety of unilateral markets.Next week, the operation of crude oil will still maintain a rebound idea and see a wave of inertia continues to decline.In summary, Wang Jinsheng suggested that the crude oil starting operation thinking next week is mainly based on a rebound high altitude, and it is supplemented by low steps. The short-term attention on the upper term is 72.5-73.0.


  (The above view only represents Wang Jinsheng's personal opinion, and does not do the basis for transaction. Based on this, the profit and loss should be at your own risk. Investment is risky, you need to be cautious in entering the market!)


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