Russia's heavier signal, Putin has mastered the initiative, only one step away from winning?

The时事热点 second is the level of economic growth.Fighting is money, whoever falls into the war will fall into passive.Obviously, Russia's economy in 2023 is much better than expected. Not only can it achieve 2.5%of growth expectations, the inflation rate is only more than 3%. This level has caught up with the epidemic.Essence

If it develops according to the current rhythm, if NATO will continue to support Ukraine to fight this war, then at least $ 100 billion in equipment in 2024.However, even if it takes out more than $ 100 billion in equipment, it still cannot win Russia, which is the most terrible.The Russian and Ukraine War became a quagmire in the NATO.

Therefore, from these data, Putin has firmly grasped the initiative on the issue of the Russian and Ukraine War.If the US NATO has greatly reduced its military assistance to Ukraine, the direction of the Russia -Ukraine War in 2024 depends entirely on Putin's strategic intention.

Did Russia win the war?

Shaygu also notified the casualties of the Russian and Ukraine's Ukraine.Sho Gulu said that since the special military operations in February last year, the Ukraine has more than 380,000 casualties.During the counterattack of the Ukraine in June this year, 159,000 soldiers were casualties, and 766 tanks were lost, including 37 "Leopard" tanks; 2348 armored vehicles, including 50 Bredeli.The Russian army also eliminated more than 5,800 foreign mercenaries in the Ukraine, including 1,427 Polish mercenaries, 466 American mercenaries, and 344 British mercenaries.The number of mercenaries for the Ukraine was reduced to one -sixth.

What does the Urpicious casualties explain?It shows that no one has been on the battlefield. In fact, the Ukraine began to catch Zhuang Ding since last year, which shows that the Ukrainian army was in the next way, and soldiers would be a problem.To put it plainly, it is still the issue of population scale and war potential.Ukraine originally had more than 40 million people, but after the outbreak of the war, it actually lost nearly half of the population, especially some mature men ran to Europe, which greatly reduced its war potential.In contrast, Russia, the armed forces recruited 490,000 contract soldiers in 2023. Putin has signed two expansion orders, which has made Russia's war potential much greater than Ukraine.

In fact, the war has been hit to now, Russia has been nearly winning.Why is it close to winning?Because, if NATO continues to assist Ukraine on a large scale, Ukraine can continue to support for a while; in turn, if the NATO no longer has "remaining food" continues to assist, the distance between Ukraine is not far away.

Imagine that the Russian army is getting larger and larger, more and more equipment, and the Ukraine's troops are getting smaller and smaller, and they lack equipment ammunition. How can this battle be played?

What does the winning or losses of the Russian and Ukraine represent?The late US Secretary of State Kissinger once said that this was a battle for the reorganization of political and economic order in Eastern Europe.If Russia won, it means that he has gained initiative in the reorganization of political and economic order in Eastern Europe.Perhaps the NATO is unwilling to fail and will continue to assist Ukraine to stand upright, but according to the current trend, it seems that it will not be too long.Next, how to develop the Russian and Ukraine war may mainly depend on the strategic choices made by Putin. Water, whether to divide Ukrade with the European Union, or just realize the so -called "de -military" and "Nazi".This also includes the relationship between Russia and the European Union, how the United States chooses on the Ukrainian issue.

Putin is planning a larger game!

Various signs show that Putin's current conspiracy is not only Ukraine, because Russia has already held initiative in the Ukrainian battlefield, which is the question of what way to win.the Middle East.For example, the derivative problem brought by the Palestinian conflict means the success or failure of the strategy of the US power.

Yemenhase armed forces now blocked the Manda Strait. Many maritime shipping in the United States and Western countries stopped. If the United States cannot solve it, it means that the so -called "Indo -Pacific Strategy" in the United States is the air tower.Military is unbearable. What else do you have to talk about strategy?However, the reality is that the United States is really difficult to solve.The Houthi armed forces attacked past merchant ships or warships. The cost of drones used is as less as $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 and as many as $ 30,000. It is not cost -effective to use air defense missiles to intercept.Moreover, the western warships dare not get too close to Yemen. Once the Anti -Hussean armed anti -ship missile was blown up, the loss was too great.

In this context, in fact, the United States has fallen into strategic passive on the issue of Pakistan and Israel.Israel is very wayward, regardless of the crazy slaughter of Palestinians, the United States has to provide support for it.The problem is that if the Houthi armed forces can block the Manda Strait, the Israeli economy cannot support long -term wars, and once Israel lose in this conflict, then the reorganization of the entire political and economic order of the Middle East, which is global, is global.Political and economic order is greatly reorganized.At this moment, Putin obviously wanted to participate in the allocation of this cake.

Theoretically, as long as Putin further supports Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as Syrian and Lebanonhales, it can make huge trouble for Israel.In fact, Putin just visited Saudi Arabia not long ago, and Iran's president has just visited Russia, and the connotation is self -evident.