The situation of the original Russia and Ukraine ushered in reversal?Ukraine mobilizes 500,000, giving Zeleiski a problem

Original title: Russia and Ukraine ushered in reversal?hotly discussed informationUkraine mobilizes 500,000, giving Zeleiski a problem

According to China Youth Network, Ukrainian President Zelei Sky said on the 19th that the military proposed to mobilize another 450,000 to 500,000 Ukrainians to join the armed forces, which will marked a "sharp upgrade" of the war between Kiev and Russia.It is reported that Zeleianzki said at the end of the year that this is a "highly sensitive" issue, and the military and the government will discuss whether to submit it to the parliament before deciding whether to submit it to the parliament.For the mobilization suggestions made by the Ukrainian military, Zeleiski said: "I said, I need more arguments to support this, because this is firstly a person's problem. Second, this is a question about justice, and it is a question about justice.The issue of national defense capabilities is also a financial issue. "

The US media "New York Times" said in a special report that with the increase of casualties and the deadlock in the battlefield, the Ukrainian authorities have stepped up the "forced recruitment": the Ukrainian authorities were pulled away from the street, and they took them to the recruitment center with intimidation and even military forces to bring them to the recruitment center.EssenceA Ukrainian lawyer had been suffered by a remedy, and the recruiters confiscated their passports and deprived of their work.In social media and local news reports, there are more and more videos of Ukraine soldiers pushing citizens into the car and forcibly detained people in the recruitment center.The New York Times commented that this shows that the Ukrainian army maintains the severe challenges facing troops in a heavy casualties.

According to CCTV news, the Russian army combats the goals of U -military personnel, ammunition stores, military equipment and other goals in the direction of Kippyandsk, Hermone, etc., and intercept the Ukraine's "Hemamas" multi -tube rocket rockets in Lugusk and other places.EssenceThe Ukrainian military said that it continued to consolidate the position on the left bank of the Dieber River in Hermone and crack down on Russian military personnel and equipment concentrated areas.In response to the EU's recent implementation of a new round of sanctions on Russia, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zaharava said that the EU's adopting new sanctions on Russia will only bring more damage to itself.In the following, it is constantly losing its global political and economic influence.