"Playground" is not "Playground"!99%of people are wrong!

"Playground" is not the playground

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The education we have received from an early age is "playground" that is "playground".Especially in elementary school.But we are all deceived!

"Playground" translates into Chinese is "playground", but it usually refers to the place where children play, games and outdoor activities.In schools or parks, the playgrounds usually have various amusement facilities, such as autumn thousands, slides, climbing racks, etc. to promote children's physical activity and social development.

For example:

Children can often be found laugyting and playing on the colorful playground equipment during reception.

During the class, children often play on colorful playground facilities, and laughter continues.

"Playground" how to say in English

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What kind of playground is our primary school, junior high school, high school, 400m or 800 -meter runway?

The playgrounds with runways and basketball courts in elementary and junior high schools can be described as "Sports Field".This expression can convey the playgrounds with both football fields and runways and basketball courts.


The Students Enjoy Playing Various Sports on the School's Sports Field During Recess.

Students like to play various sports on the school's sports field during class.

The following are some examples of some sports fields that the school may have:

Football Stadium: FOOTBALLLELD

Basketball Court: Basketball Court

Badminton Court: BADMINTON COURT

Tennis court: Tennis Court

Athletic field: Athletics Track

Globe: Rugby Field

Baseball Stadium: Baseball

Volleyball court: Volleyball Court

Swimming pool: SWIMMING POOL

Fencing field: FENCING SALLE

"Play with someone" how to say in English

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"Play with someone" can be translated into English as "Play with Someone" or "Hang Out with Someone", depending on the context.

If you refer to doing games or activities together, you can use "Play With Someone". If it means that you can recreate or communicate together, you can use "Hang Out with Someone".

For example:

Let's play baseball together.

Let's play basketball together.

I enjoy playing Video Games with My Friends.

I like to play video games with my friends.

Would you like to hang out with us at the part?

Are you willing to play with us in the park?

We oftenhang out of together on weekends.

We often recreate together on weekends.

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