On the 665th Russia and Ukraine War, Russia is ready to launch the Afdeka's overall attack U -military to repel 29 offensives

According to the General Staff of Ukraine,moment information in the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian army repelled 29 Russian offensives in the 89 frontline battles east of the Nieber River.At the same time, the White House warned Russia to prepare for Afdeca to launch a major offensive.

The General Staff said that the Ukrainian army retired 29 Russian attacks in the east of the Dnieber RiverEssenceIn the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian defenders and the invasive Russian troops have killed 89 battles on the front line.

The white house warned that due to the icing of the ground, Russia is going to launch a large -scale offensive against AfdecaEssenceJohn Kobe, coordinator of the White House National Security Commission, urged the US Congress to approve funds to Ukraine as soon as possible.

Frontline reports: Russia's messy attacks on the stubborn Ukrainian defense north of Afjeka caught up in stagnationEssenceRussia's messy attacks failed to destroy Ukrainian defense north of Donetzk Avka, because the Russians lost heavy losses due to Ukraine's strong positions and drones.

British intelligence: Ukrainian steering defense, quickly strengthening defenseEssenceAccording to British intelligence agencies, as the army adopted a defensive attitude in the war, Ukraine vigorously strengthened the defense of anti -tanks at the front line and the Belarusian border to strengthen the defense against Russia.

The Ukrainian air defense system shot down the 18/19 Russian suicide drone launched from the occupied CrimeaEssenceThe Russian army once again used the occupied Crimea to launch a night drone attack throughout Ukraine, using 19 drones to target multiple regions; according to the Ukraine Air Force, Ukraine Air Defense Forces shot 18 drones.

NATO-Ukrainian Council held a meeting with the Minister of Defense for the first timeEssenceThe NATO-Ukrainian Council was established at the NATO Summit of the Vilneus in 2023, replacing the NATO-Ukrainian Commission of 1997.

BeDecember 19, 2023Russian armed forces have roughly lost weapons and military equipment since the beginning of the invasion:

    • Personnel: 348300 (+1140)

    • Tank: 5798 (+15)

    • APV: 10771 (+19)

    • Artillery System: 8190 (+15)

    • Multi -tube rocket launcher: 926

    • Air defense system: 611 (+1)

    • Aircraft: 324 frames

    • Helicopter: 324

    • UAV: 6299 (+9)

    • Cruise missile: 1611 (+1)

    • Warship/boat: 22

    • Submarine: 1

    • Vehicle and fuel tank: 10842 (+20)