Always stand on the political position of the people's supremacy

Original title: Always stand firm in the political position of the people's supremacy

The departure points and end points of all the work of the party and the country are to realize the fundamental interests of the people.As a specialized agency in the party's supervision and national supervision, the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs have always stabilized the people's supremacy, adhere to the disciplinary law enforcement as the people, and resolutely rectify the responsibilities, style and corruption of the masses and the urgency of the masses.Mass support and trust.

Investigation and research are the heirlooms of our party and the basic skills of doing a good job.The disciplinary inspection and supervision organs strengthened investigation and research to understand the facts and check the problems in depth, which is conducive to improving the quality and level of the trial of the case.In -depth investigation and research requires the people's concerns and the people's voice through investigation and research. By focusing on the demands of the masses, the most concentrated, contradictory and most complicated places to reflect the people's demands, listen to the demands face to face, and collect and screen out the people's urgency to solve matters.Points to solve the problem, and accurately solve the "big problems" around the masses with "small incision".

Disciplinary inspection and supervision work is the work and work of the masses.What the people are opposed and hate, they resolutely prevent and correct what.The disciplinary inspection and supervision organs should deeply dig deeply to investigate the inaction, slow actions, and chaos of the masses.", Make the masses feel the righteousness and anti -corruption.(Deng Jian)