Original 500,000 again?Shayigu: Merchants of more than 5,800 mercenaries, U -military casualties 380,000

But with such a huge armed force,头条新闻The Ukrainian military still demands that the Zellegas government "re -mobilizes 450 to 500,000 Ukrainians to join the army"EssenceFrom this point, it is not difficult to see that the front line of the Ukraine will inevitably be severely damaged, so that there are serious insufficient troops, so the government will ask the government to continue recruitment.

Regarding the loss of the Ukraine, the US Central Committee invited the CIA (CIA) to conduct a comprehensive and detailed investigation on it. The results of the investigation showed that in the big counterattacks began in June this year, the number of woundeds of the Ukraine was far more than 150,000!Because the CIA is confirmed by the CIA, there are about 70,000 people. According to the general probability of 3: 1 in actual combat, 70,000 people should be killed, then about 210,000 people should be injured."Among them, the total casualties of the Ukraine should be about 280,000.From this point of view, the "159,000" of Shaygu is still quite conservative.

Two basic conditions are required to fight, first of all, sufficient human resourcesBecause the army is composed of soldiers, and soldiers are recruited or mobilized from civilians;Second, there is also a need for advanced weapons and equipmentSoldiers must have sufficient training to ensure the combat effectiveness of advanced equipment.

But it seems that both Ukraine does not occupy both.In terms of human resources, as the war is durable, Ukraine's human resources are close to depletion, and the 38 million population has lost more than 10 million after the war, and has recruited for 11 rounds of more than 20 million people.The population of the army?According to reports, Ukraine has now greatly relaxed the conditions for recruitment. Some people with infectious diseases, even the disabled people have been called to join the army and were sent to the front line to fight.At the same time, due to the scarcity of male citizens, the Ukraine also recruited a large number of female soldiers and sent them to the most dangerous battlefield to fight the fire of the Russian army.

Not only is human resources drying, but there are also big problems in the Ukraine's equipment. Although Ukraine has received strong support from 31 countries in NATO, this summer's big counterattack operations spend more than half a year of weapons and equipment equipped by NATO for more than half a year.It was empty, but the "big counterattack" did not achieve any decent results.Now that NATO's internally, whether to continue to support Ukraine, there have been differences, evenEven the American President Biden's attitude towards Ukraine has changed from "how long it takes for (the United States) to support" in the past to "how long it can be supported and how long it can be supported."To put it bluntly, the support of the United States may be canceled at any time.

In fact, from the current situation of both Russia and Ukraine, even if the Ukraine recruits 500,000 troops, it is not helpful for the current battle, because Russia not only has more human resources than Ukraine (Russia's population is 140 million, it is 5 times that of Ukraine, which), At the same time, after the stimulus of war, Russia's military manufacturing industry has been fully awakened.