The location of the Yangtze River Museum project is determined as the urban balcony of Wuhan Moon Bay.

Viewpoint Network News:On November 29th, the relevant person in charge of the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism recently said that the location of the China Yangtze River Museum project was determined as the urban balcony of Wuhan Moon Bay.

According to reports, the Yangtze River National Museum project is an important project to build the first demonstration area of the Yangtze River National Cultural Park in Wuhan. The project is located in the balcony of Moon Bay City in Wuchang District. The specific land use scope is Linjiang Avenue in the east and Changjiang Beach dike in the west. The land area within the dike protection line is about 7.32 hectares. According to the 1:2000 Basic Ecological Control Line Planning of Wuhan Urban Development Zone, all the land for this project is located in the ecological bottom line area.

At present, the conceptual scheme, preliminary scheme of exhibition design and related evaluation work of the project have been completed, and an expert review meeting has been held to preliminarily select the architectural scheme from the aspects of site adaptability, use function and architectural performance. The project is included in the list of provincial key projects in 2023.

In addition, Wuhan will actively plan key projects in the core areas of the two rivers and four banks in accordance with the construction standards of four types of theme functional areas, promote the formation of projects on both sides of the Yangtze River, and plan 16 projects including the Yangtze River Theme Theater, the Yangtze River Humanities Greenway and the Yangtze River Film City, which are expected to be completed during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period.