Abstract Liberal Argentine Small History

[Abstract Liberal Argentine Little History]

The very messy right -wing liberal President Mirley finally began to rule Argentina. The first administrative order was to greatly reduce the Argentine government departments and cut 21 to 9.There are really many fun in the future.

His presidential inauguration ceremony invited two guests to be heavy, one is the Ukrainian president Zeleki, which is currently left out of the door, and the other is former neighbor Brazil President Borsonaro.In fact, Miller wants to invite probably Trump, but Trump has also appeared in court in New York in the past few days.

It is very abstract in our opinion, but people like Miller are in power, but Argentina is so abstractist.Our first impression of the country should be the Malaysia War, and the Garri Military Government took the initiative to attack but defeated Britain, which has long been sunset.Prior to that, the leader of the Argentine military government was General Herch Raphael Weidla.

This General Weidla is also 100 % "exquisite".How to say, he believes that there are two secrets to maintain the power. The first is to buy American weapons. To this end, it spent half of Argentina's foreign debt from 1978 to 1982, and some of them were obtained in the UK.Another secret is to help the United States fight the "Dirty Secret War" in Central America. For example, on the Nicaragua border, the "experts" sent by Weidla and the "experts" of the United States Central Love Bureau cooperated with the right -wing guerrillas to subvert the left -wing Sandino government.

Nicaragua's civil war was a war that was very dirty and made a big scandal during the Lenzan main administration. Argentina was the most supported by Washington in the entire Latin American region. It is reasonable to say that this is a life friendship.However, because General Volo wanted to have a good relationship with the Brazilian government (resolutely supporting the left -wing regime in China and America) at the same time, at the end of 1981, President Reagan's special envoy Walters ran to Buenos AiresThe general overthrew Weidala.

Galturi's new military regime is more active than Weidla as "exquisite", and it publicly advocates Reagan's new liberalism.Galturi also sent more "experts" to participate in the civil war between Salvador and Nicaragua.When I got to this point, Galturi started thinking: I want to collect Malvinas Island. The Americans should stand on my side?

So he also sent someone to ask the American ambassador Schrodan, of course, as well as Reagan's special envoy and the "benefactor" Walters who helped himself on stage. I will always help you in China and America.,OK?None of these Americans did not explicitly agree, and of course, they did not leave any arguments, but they did not clearly oppose it and put on a "default" attitude.

This is the truth that Galturi decisively shot to Malaysia.Of course, the Americans are purely playing with him, and it is a little wrong.At least the United States Ambassador to Argentine Schrodanman did shout loudly to the White House, saying that if it condemns Argentina to invade and help Britain, the United States will lose the "Latin American heart" for at least one hundred years.But is the United States really worried about this?Will the same text and the same imperialism be supported?Everyone knows how to do it later.After the war, Galturi said he was "surprised" by the "betrayal" of the United States.